Feeling Down? Flower Therapy for Depression

December 5, 2012

Stunning flower gardens continues to be an integral part of our world for many hundreds of years . Though , flowers don’t supply us with foodstuff , clothing fabric , or simply any other thing extremely essential for your survival . Therefore , why is it that we invest so much valuable time growing and tending to flowers ?

Latest research carried out at Rutgers University , the State University of New Jersey , provides scientific evidence that flowers do provide happiness and joy , certainly essential for our psychological health and well being . The analysis was carried out under the assistance of Jeannette M . Haviland-Jones , Ph .D . , who happens to be a psychologist and additionally internationally recognized specialist in emotional development in human being behavior . Of the end results , Dr . Haviland-Jones stated , “What’s most exciting about this study is that it challenges established scientific beliefs about how people can manage their day-to-day moods in a healthy and natural way .”

The research lasted for 10 months and generated evidence of the
following :


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• Flowers instantly have an effect on happiness .
• The affect of flowers is positively beneficial not to mention long lasting .
• Flowers contribute to enabling connectivity between persons .

In the stress-causing modern society we inhabit , isn’t it pleasant to realize that by acquiring the easy step of buying flowers , it is possible to immediately enrich your own personal mood or some-one else’s ? And , even better , the flowers you purchase for you will help make people who see them very happy too . Simply position them in a high-traffic location such as the entryway to your house , on your dining table , or in the family’s living room . Dr . Haviland-Jones affirms , stating , “Flowers produce positive emotionally charged feelings in those who come into a room . They help to make the room a lot more receptive and produce a sharing ambiance .”

Wish to enhance the emotion of your workers and prospects ? Locate flowers in the lobby as well as in spots utilized by your employees , such as the break room , cafeteria , or conference rooms . You’ll reap some benefits in having a much more delightful place of work and you’ll notice a lot more smiles around the work area . Enhanced morale can likewise boost employee efficiency , therefore your modest investment decision of flowers can lead to huge returns !

A florist may help you select the suitable flowers for almost any occasion that will even assist you to pick the appropriate flowers to harmonize the recipients character or the room they’ll be set up in . Simply use the phone and contact or check out the flower shop to go over things you need and exactly what you’d plan to accomplish .

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