why is it that some times when I am replying to a question here..


Some times I am wanting to help some one and at the end of replying,almost to ready to hit send and the silly page goes off and show me a page about getting help with an online counselor.

Grrr…. I go back to see if what i wrote had appeard and it doesnt show.I dont want to sit here again and re write.

Any one else come across this?Very frustrating when it has happened thats for sure!Its not all the time,but had happend a few times to me.

asked May 24, 2014

4 Answers

Hey there,

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Are you sure you were not accidentally hitting the toaster-banner at the bottom of the page (which links to the therapist page)? I've removed it for the time being and will add a link else where.
I dont believe I am hitting anything else,as its interesting as Rogue mentions it happends to them too.
Hopefully now if you have moved the link,then if it is because of that,it want happen again,but will re post if it does.
Thanks for letting me know.
Cant copy as it has gone before I get to do so.I hope the problem was just an accident as is now fixed as ive received a reply from Blahtherapy....Thanks
YES !!! ugh ! and not just when im replying it happens alot ! this site is getting stupid honestly ! all the disconnections out of nowhere and now this !im not sure what that is but just in case copy your comment before pressing submit, when it gives you that screen and you go back to the question and your answer is not there just paste it