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Completely Anonymous - No therapist will know who you are - No one close to you will know you're getting therapy.

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Trusted advice, guidance, and counseling for depression, relationships, health, mental illnesses, and more.

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Be Yourself
Need someone to talk to? Build your self-confidence by venting to non-judgmental individuals

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Psychic Advisor

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Quick Insight
Psychic advisors, in some ways are similar to counselors. However, they may be more likely to hone in on issues more quickly, using whatever intuitive skills they have.

An advisors insight into your situation can aid your decision making while building clarity on your path.

Peace of Mind
If you're tired of wracking your brain on an issue, let a psychic tell you exactly what is going on so you can move past it.


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Therapist Chat Testimonials

"Very uplifting while sensitive and conscious to my current feelings and emotions. Call Mr. Fields if you want to feel grounded and confident to move forward in your current situation, no matter what it may be."

"Gave great advice on addressing anger management and negative thinking prevention by reframing. very straight-forward. would've liked a bit more help with specific applications."

"Kathleen was very good at creating an open and considerate conversation. She got to some basic questions at the heart of my concerns and I left the session with a clearer sense of understanding as to how to proceed."