I never get connected??!!


It has been like this for a few days and im seriously getting so frustrated!!!!!!I really want to help the venters but whenever there’s one,i never get connected to them!!!!I’ve tried the FAQ on this site but it doesn’t help at all!!!! Should i make another account or pull all of my hair out??!!

asked May 30, 2014

1 Answer

Hey Jennifer,

This question should have been answered by the FAQ.

"If you’ve found that you can not connect to a user, even when there are people waiting it’s possible that our chat port is being blocked by your system. This is usually encountered on school ISP’s, your workplace, or by antivirus software. To test this, visit websocketstest.com and review the results to see if any websocket ports are blocked."

That site does not show results for port 3000, but chances are if ports are blocked as shown in the results, than our chat is being blocked as well.
Having this very issue, none of my ports are blocked and I even went into my router and opened port 3000. It used to work but stopped working a few months ago, only on my desktop computer, never on anything else.