ThePoetsCryForMore said 7 years, 8 months ago:

This is a long-distance relationship story.

I met a guy through a forum. He started messaging me, saying I was cute and he was nice. We talked. A lot. Everyday after school, I would call him so we could talk even if it was for a few minutes. Since he is older than me, he was scared about our age gap, but I didn’t care. I fell for him. He always gave the best advice and he saved every photo I ever sent to him just so he could see me every day even though I am not there with him. This lasted for months before he actually asked me out. And when he did, I immediately said yes.

We broke up. Lots.. He was always talking to other girls or flirting with them and it made me feel less special in his eyes.. So we eventually broke up. We haven’t been talking then we have once again. This time it was different.

He was the same guy I have fell for before. Sweet, kind, caring. And before I know it, we’re together again. This time, he didn’t talk to me for a day… The day he came back he lied and told me he was busy. Then he told me. He told me he saw his friend after months and fell in love with her and never knew if he has loved me again.

I broke up with him…

Months later. A new year… He calls me drunk and tells me how beautiful I am, how he loves me, how he wants to marry me and I just cry. I’ve never felt like this before.

We end up stop talking again.. And this time I forgot why. But I still love him.

A month ago, he tells me I’m beautiful. I ask him if he still loves me and he says yes… But he has a girlfriend. He tells me that he would cheat on her with me.. That he asked her out on accident. Then days later, he tells me how much he loves her and I completely collapse… And I cry for that guy. And I’ve cried way too much for that boy.. And to this day, I still miss his voice.

Arvee said 7 years, 3 months ago:

he uses u as a rebound

vondes said 3 years, 6 months ago:

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