Knockdowncrazy said 8 years, 6 months ago:

I’m sure many of use have had our share of bumps in the night. So tell me, whats your story?

An experience I’ve dealt with was back in 2004 when my two younger sisters and I slept in the same room. Now, the blue room always gave us chills as if there was something always lingering when we weren’t looking. However this particular night it was unsettling. We all were sound asleep yet I was awoken immediately in a cold sweat. I starred around the dimly lit room as our night-light was our only source of sanctuary. My sisters too were wide awake although silent. Glancing at our clock it was roughly 3am. Slowly the door began to open and we felt as if someone was standing by it. My sister quickly jumped away to the opposite bed away from the door where me and my other sister slept. We whimpered and I asked them if they could see the figure. They both nodded. But the figure just stood there, no face, but it made out a silhouette of a young girl about our age roughly 11 or 12 at that time. Our only solution to avert our eyes was to hide under the blanket which we did till morning. We never did see the figure again, but sometimes our dolls would fall off their shelves. Hope you enjoyed my small story!

Deleted User said 8 years, 5 months ago:

@knockdowncrazy Hi, after so many time you get your first answer hehe, and i loved your story! :)

But why is that room called “blue room”? i imagine something like, i dont know, in those haunted castles where there is a nice room all of the same color (like one room called the red room, dont remember what castle i heard it was in).

Anyway, yes, ive had paranormal experiences too, here are some:

-Once when i was a kid i saw an ufo, we were in a car and i remember we were crosssing one of those bridge highways and i saw an ufo flying, thats almost all i remember though.

-Another time my mom saw an ufo too, i didnt but she told me, there was a blackout whre i live and my mom went to the store to buy i dont remember what, and i stayed in the house, my mom came back and told me she saw an ufo flying around where we live and to be honest i blame the ufo for the blackout that time (because here where i live the stupid light go out out of every damn reason, like rain, strong wind, or because people steal the lights, other times even out of nowhere, sometimes the lights go all dim and low).

-Another experience my mom had, she went to a hill near our home with my sister, they took our dog with them, when they came back some hours later it was night, and my mom told us the dog went all crazy barking at the darkness and my mom said there was nothing there, you see, our dog is all crazy, she barks at loud noises, or sometimes when people pass near our house, or when people that she dont know come to our home, etc but my mom said there was nothing there that time.

-Some time ago, a lot of time, even we didnt existed then, my mom had a dog, she went to sleep and felt like something went up her (sorry for the misspell, i dont know how to call it in english, for example when your pet go on top on you and lays there), well she thought it was our dog, she went looking for her dog and didnt found him, she went to open the door AND SAW HER DOG WAS OUTSIDE, she told us that story.

-I used to see a lot of shadows, small shadows on the floor, i was “scared”, but no, i didnt use to think they were ghosts, i used to think those were mouses, because im *cough cough* musophobic *cough cough* (ok only when the mice are in our home, if not i dont care), and i was saying, i was all paranoid and hearing noises and blaming them on mouses and all stressed, but it turns out there wasnt ANY MOUSE, and i dont know if the shadows were real or my imagination or anything to be honest but they werent mouses, but now my…. phobia…. is more controlled hehe, we have a siberian cat and a common kitty as pets and now mice dont come in to our home anymore, im not talking about the shadows, no, i mean, mice used to come in to our house all the time, hence i thought the shadows were mice too.

-Also a few times i used to hear someone knocking in my room door at night.

-Another time we were at the house of my grand mother who died (and now a certain b1tch i hate and her family which i hate too live there as a parasite ¬¬), we stayed there to sleep (when my ganny was alive) and i remember we were watching a james bond film on tv at late night and we heard someone clearly knocking loudly on the door, my mom went to check because she thought it was our grand mother but there was no one, and she went to ask upstairs (we were downstairs) adn they said they didnt do it.

-Also a kitty that we had died, well a few days later and for some time, she saw him, his kitty ghost, and my mom was sad, btw im constantly thinking about him and i get sad when i remember him and his serum injected, he died with the serum connected to his veins, in fact im getting sad again :( also our siberian would act all weird and not as he always do randomly a few times and maybe i think he saw the kitty ghost too.

-Also do you know that sound like marbels rolling on stairs and that they say that it might be due to dwarves? (or whatever they are called in english) well we used to hear that noise a few times, i dont know, maybe 2 or 3 times, people say its because pipes too, but i dont think there are pipes like that in our neighborghood because of its design, and anyway, we dont hear that anymore at all, just those 3 or 4 times.

-Also my mom says that she and my father listen steps on the roof of our home at late night (they sleep upstairs, i dont).

-Also my grandmother told my mom a story where she heard music coming over a tree, she went on top of it and saw some dwarves (those elemental beings that i dont know how they are called in english) playing music, you might think its a lie or something, but i think not, becasue my grand mother was honest and didnt lied, unlike THOSE morons that i told you that live there in her house now as a parasites, NOW they are compulsive liars and hypocrites and backstabbers (and a slut) ¬¬ (lol, sorry about that i really dislike those idiots).

-Another time, my mom saw someone that used to live in the house we live currently, a guy that committed suicide, he was dead when she saw him walking trough the street (maybe for saying good bye to her).

-Also my mom used to see our grand mother a little after she died.

-Also once i misbehaved when i was a little turd (i dont like kids hehe, and i used to misbehave a lot btw), i locked myself in the bathroom and i heard a creepy laugh, CLEARLY, and another time that i did it again i heard someone knocking in a window of a house where there was no one awake.

-Also i recall my mom telling me that she saw an old lady that died after she died too, that old lady gave us our beautiful pet doves (ok one of them the other one died and the other one we have is a dove my mom rescued), we love them a lot :)

-Also there was a ghost girl that used to appear in a school i was going to, in the bathroom, i didnt saw her, some classmates did.

And some other stories that i was going to tell you, but i cant remember all of them, i think there was some more i was going to tell you but i cant remember them hehe.

Knockdowncrazy said 8 years, 5 months ago:

@imaloner Wow, you’ve got quite a lot of stories! Thank you so much for sharing them, I enjoyed reading them. Some even gave me chills! Also, as kids my sisters and I would always just call it “the blue room” since it was blue c: But really, fantastic stories. If you do remember anymore, share them!

Deleted User said 8 years, 5 months ago:

@knockdowncrazy Haha, yeah many stories, and i doubt i remembered all of them :)

And no! Its my pleasure to share them with you! Im glad you liked tham, and sorry for giving you chills haha :)

And really? haha blue room sounds something like something like this rooms but in blue hehe :)

Deleted User said 8 years, 5 months ago:

@knockdowncrazy And of course! If i remember any more stories i will gladly share them with you! :)

Knockdowncrazy said 8 years, 5 months ago:

@imaloner Haha don’t be sorry, chills are great! Ah no, the rooms weren’t as intricate as the images you’re showing me. It was very plain, just two beds and a couple of toys lol. I WISH it looked like those rooms! I really like the gothic style c:

Deleted User said 8 years, 5 months ago:

@knockdowncrazy Haha then im glad i made you feel chills! ;)

And well, blue room sounds like that! haha, a beautiful room, have you played the stanley parable? it has a blue room too, and its really beautiful and its not as the ones in the images haha :)

And YESS! Im not a 100% art expert, but i like gothic style too! and also those victorian era images, and historic stuff like that, also the old russia, like the one from the movie anastasia :)

Deleted User said 8 years, 5 months ago:

@knockdowncrazy What is the problem of this fucking moron katano?

Knockdowncrazy said 8 years, 5 months ago:


I have actually not played that game! But I’ll be sure to check it out since they have it on steam. Agh, yes! I love Anastasia, story line, and Anastasia’s song “Once upon a December.” You make me want to go ahead and watch it again!

Deleted User said 8 years, 5 months ago:

@knockdowncrazy YES! check it hehe. the less you know about it the better! :) im glad you have steam too!

And yes! Anastasia movie is fun, those old kids movies make me feel all nostalgic :)

Deleted User said 8 years, 5 months ago:

Well, this one time, me and my mates broke into this old broken down palace of the sheiks.
There were no lights, lot of rooms, very easy to get lost, anyways we found a spot and started drinking, after a while the muslim people with us swore they felt the presence of jinns/genies, coz of random sounds and blowing wind.
The building did have that haunted to feel to it, but it might have just been the vodka, we were caught by the watchman like 1-2 hours after we entered, so we could not investigate further lol..

dania said 8 years, 4 months ago:

i had lots i don’t know if this would fit in this topic but… when i was 18 i was so amazed by all this black magic voodoo stuffs and it was a phase i eventually stopped doing such … and when i did stopped strange things starts to happen. would u believe that if i sleep in a room without anything called holy or blessed or cleansed. i start having horrible nightmares. first i thought its just some coincidence. how can a person get nightmares for long periods of time right? wrong . 1 month pass 2 then 3 months continued. i hear my name being called, i wake up exactly 3am and felt like something is roaming at the window and im on the 2nd floor. so impossible. so i decided to put whatever i could get from anywhere. i get rosaries put up on the windows . and i got a holy book under my pillow. only then i started falling asleep without freaking out in horror… but then even more stranger things happen. when i see a person face to face at some point i could know if they would die soon whether in sickness or in accident. i dunno how but when i see someone who is about to die soon i get this weird feeling inside like that person is somehow different . cant explain entirely in words my vocabulary is limited. there are many other things but i might start sounding like an insane person…

Sandra said 7 years, 6 months ago:

@knockdowncrazy spirits usually are more active at 3oclock.

it was last year on the Halloween night (when the sheet between earth and spirit world is the thinnest) i heard knocking on my wall, i was really scared. it happened two nights a row.

another thing when i saw a spirit it was when i was on a trip with my art school. we were staying in Germany in a village i dont remember what it was named tho haha.
we were staying in a room of ten (two girls had left) so there were 8 people. 4 of them were asleep at 12 oclock. so me and the other 3 people went to a walk. we went by a dark alley it was hella creepy. we saw in the forest like place a floating figure lol. we were scared and went back.

Optimus said 7 years, 5 months ago:

There was this one time where my best friend and I went into an abandoned train tunnel. But this was a big mistake.
We were both fans of “Ghost Adventures” and so, we wanted to see if we could get anything. We started asking questions. One of the questions we asked was “Did anybody die in here?” First time, we got nothing. We asked it again. This time was different and we got a response that sounded like a man’s voice that said “10″. We were both a little spooked. But what happened next was just too much for us both. We asked how they died and we got a response that sounded like it was trying to say “train”. At that exact moment, we saw train lights and heard a steam train whistle, so we looked directly at the lights that were in the distance, but they just disappeared. but the whistle didn’t stop until we asked the next and final question. We asked if they wanted us to leave, and not even 5 seconds after we asked, I got hit in the chest by a flying brick. It actually cut me and I started bleeding, but it wasn’t anything life threatening, just minor cuts and bruises. It took my breath away for a minute. When we got back to my friend’s house, it was around 8:30 PM because I was staying the night over there, we checked to see if we had any scrapes besides the ones that the brick gave me, and what we saw scared us both. On my back, there were marks that looked like they had been made by a horse whip. My friend had marks on his wrists that looked like handcuff marks. He even said that his wrists were hurting. We both agreed to never go back to that tunnel ever again, and we never have.