Cathy said 8 years ago:

I am obviously female, I have a Ps4 but I find it very hard to get into a game. I play Black Ops occasionally but soon get bored with no one to play with on it. Anyone got any game suggestions playstation or anything else? :) and anyone with psn feel free to ask me for my psn name especially females would be nice

Beanz said 8 years ago:

i mostly play a lot of PC games and for me to be able to suggest any game suggestions at the minute would be quite difficult as i don’t know what sort of genre of games you like. but i’ll give you a few games which i think are good some will be single player only some will be multi-player.

Single Player based games
- Dragon Age: Origins – it’s a great story line based game as it does allow you to kill evil things and if you really want you can imagine the people who are horrible to be the things you’re killing

- skyrim – also another good game as you can play as any race and it will never be the same story line ever and you can play it a thousand times and it wont be the same as the last. also it doesn’t have an ending to the game but there is the last mission of the main story line

Multiplayer Based Games

- Elderscrolls Online – this is like skyrim in a way but you can play with other people and you can adventure with other and you can also play with friends, you will meet a load of new people and you’ll meet a load of people who are a lot like you surprisingly

- Minecraft – yes it’s not everyones cup of tea but you can do anything you want and the online communities are amazing on their different servers, each server is different. but you do find a LOT of people around the world who have the same problems as you most the time.

GTA V – this is also not everyone’s cup of tea but you may like it as you do play Black Ops from time to time, GTA there are a list of missions you can either complete or not and you can just roam about if you’d really like and just have fun

for anyone to give you a decent set of games that you’d like we’d need to know the genre of games that you like to play. i’ve given you a load of games i either play or i play with my friends when round at theirs