Mary S. said 6 years, 2 months ago:

Before anything existed, there was space. There were no stars or planets, only an empty vastness that covered every corner of the universe. The first thing that was born from this nothingness was a moon. This moon was created with crators already formed on it, and had somehow already been stepped on before anything else was created.

The next thing that was craved from space was a star. This star shined bright. Its light stretched all the way to where the moon stayed. The moon was confused; it had not ever seen light before.

The moon and star got to know each other, but the moon knew what would happen. There was only so much time until something else was created, and the star would move on to better things. And that’s exactly what happened. The star still loved the moon, but the moon wasn’t what the star wanted, well, not completely. Yet, the star still stayed. And that was the problem. The moon had started to forget the experiences it had with the star. The moon felt very lost despite never moving. The moon was frustrated with the star and sometimes errupted with anger, but never really did, well, not completely.

One day, the moon had had enough. The moon had lost much of its memory of what happened recently. The memories were lost somewhere deep into space and its sadness. The moon lashed out on the star. The moon didn’t know why. The star had been nice to the moon. But maybe it was because the moon was so frustrated with the other stars that surrounded it. Maybe it was because the star was happy while the moon dreaded every moment of its existence. Maybe it was because the moon had pushed everything else away and didn’t want to bring anything else down with it. Maybe it was because the moon knew that it wasn’t what the star really wanted, well, not completely, and the moon didn’t have any other reason to hold on. Regardless of the reason, it happened. And the star didn’t like this. At all.

How could the moon had said such nasty things to the bright and beautiful star? The star wondered why the moon had called it those names when all the star had ever done was treat it kindly. The star was livid, and the moon wondered what it had been trying to accomplish. The moon didn’t really understand why it had gone off on the star in the first place, despite thinking that it did while it was going on. The moon didn’t really understand why it was still in the star’s light. So the moon apologized, and left the star to go to the dark part of space so that the star could shine onto brighter things, better and less harsh things. Things that would remember.