Kirstin Lopez said 7 years, 3 months ago:

It is never too late. You are never too damaged, or too old.

There are many situations, relationships and moments that inflict the lie that our best times are past us, but we must remember what the truth is and remember that anyone that tries to push the belief on us that it is time to give up, needs to be confronted toe to toe and told with all of the earnestness we can muster…that the truth is, that we are still on our way to becoming what we are meant to become.

If you were a caterpillar you just might think that you are destined to crawl along the edge of everything…squirming, centimeter by centimeter. Then suddenly a day comes when what just might look like a tragic event happens, and you find yourself encased, all alone in a cocoon….and you turn to mush. It feels like you are damaged beyond repair. You definitely feel like a “has been”. In some ways…you ARE a “has been”, you will never be a caterpillar again.

Because, you are BECOMING. You are becoming what you were meant to be in the first place. You are growing your beautiful wings, you are preparing to fly.

Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t give up before the unveiling of your wings. Let the miracle happen exactly the way it needs to happen… are BECOMING right this second.

And you are SOOO spectacular… amazing… beloved.