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    alexandra posted an update 8 years, 3 months ago

    i dont know how to love myself
    i doubt ill ever figure it out

    • It’s just something we figure out along the way, you know? We live and we walk down that road that is life and somewhere along the way we find love for ourselves. It just takes a little time, I promise

    • I think it’s hard sometimes to truly ’love’ ourselves. We are usually our own harshest critic and it’s often difficult to be comfortable in our own skin because we always strive to become the person we want to be. It can seem like it’s always a losing battle, too.

      Know this though, if you try your best and give your all in every area of your life, your ability to bring happiness to others will grow and your personal love for yourself will grow exponentially. I don’t know, I’ve found it to help a little anyway, even if it’s not a perfect solution.

      Hope you’re alright!

    • @ravingitup oh im fine, i just tend to write what im thinking at whatever given time, i do appreciate you both for your concern, just had ’one of those days’ and just feelin like absolute crap. i know its progression with it all :/ but thank you though, always appreciate it

    • It’s great that you can speak your mind! No problem, anytime! (:

    • Please love yourself @unrequired-time, you are beautiful and deserve happiness, keep your head up and try to think positively, you are so strong and are never alone, remember to smile and be upbeat, you can do this, if you need to talk or need a friend, I’m always here, feel free to message me anytime if you want, my inbox is always open :) (hugs)