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    pristine posted an update 7 years ago

    Gaaah! The Internet disconnected me again! Feature-rich crate to stunning trip: Keep trying to please your girl if you still like her, but if you don’t, stop it and go on with your own life. Life is too short to be spent on someone you don’t enjoy being with. If you wish to stay with her, keep yelling in the chat to let go of excess anger before talking with her again. So you don’t end up annoying her by accident. XD Have a good day of venting there! :D

    Mood : Blah
    • Oli replied 7 years ago

      Hope you manage to re-connect with these people @pristine, keep helping others and being the kind soul that you are :)

    • Yup, I missed connection with the Missed Connections forum haha :D Yes, I’ll keep helping others and being kind :) Thanks for the encouragement, @oliver. I’m so happy you’re still here :) Keep helping others and being present for everyone. We appreciate your comments :)