If you need professional help right away, then this is the perfect solution. Presto experts are manually approved, certified in their field, and are available 24/7 to speak with you when you really need someone to talk to.

About Online Therapy

Prevent yourself from doing something you’d regret by getting instant help when you can. Now that online therapy is now a solution, seek help from professional for internalized issues with confidentiality and anonymity. No need to hassle with insurance as transactions are instant and by the minute. Another beneficial factor to online counseling is that you now have access to multiple therapists. Doesn’t matter what time of day it is, you’re always capable of finding a therapist online that is waiting and willing to speak with you.

Similar to traditional counseling, the convenience of online counseling provides potential clients access to experienced and approved professionals. Notably, on the web counseling is inexpensive, easily accessible, anonymous, and available to you 24/7 week from the comfort and privacy of your residence. With online counseling, you no longer have to deal with an unfortunate event of running into a familiar face on the way to a clinic. Your anonymity and privacy is totally secured since you never have to leave your house to meet with your psychologist.

More and more people are looking towards the Internet with regard to professional counseling and discover it to be a perfect way to discuss personalized concerns, life’s challenges, or psychological problems. Some people decide on ongoing counseling with a single counselor, while some opt single sessions for quick guidance and advice pertaining to a specific subject matter.