Blah Therapy launched in April 2010 during the era of random stranger chats following the popular omegle, iddin, and chat roulette. While using a similar model to these apps, it emerged as the first ever Venter Listener Chat that gave users the opportunity to have meaningful discussions with strangers that actually want to hear what’s on their mind. Since then, it has received press from many reputable sites like Mashable, Huffington Post, killerstartups, and collegecandy to name a few.

demographicBlahTherapy is composed of a fast-growing self-help community that enjoys helping others with their personal issues. These topics may entail Abuse, Addiction, Bullying, Careers, Depression, Eating Disorders, Education, General, Grieving, Health & Fitness, Mental Disorders, Relationships, Self Harm, Sexuality, or Social Anxiety. Our social networking and registration features have only been live since February 2013 and we consistently continue to get new members each and every day.

localeMonthly Stats (updated July 2014)

2,500,000 impressions
365,000 unique visits
200,000 unique visitors
24% Bounce Rate
10:00 minutes avg. duration
7 pages per visit
87% eng-us

This number continues to rise in a consistent and steady pace ensuring that our growth is completely organic and community driven.

According to Google Analytics, BlahTherapy receives 43% search/organic traffic, 9% referral traffic, and 45% direct traffic on a daily basis.

68% Of our traffic consists primarily of US visitors with the 6% UK, 5%Canada and 3% Australia.

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