Moody said 9 years, 3 months ago:

As known, it’s becoming a common trend for soul-searching teenagers to turn to Wicca for their feeling of self-fulfillment, but if Christianity and Wicca were reversed in their popularity and social acceptance, do you think that the same people would look into Christianity as those today look into Wicca, or do you think there is something about the Wicca religion itself which draws in the type of person?

blackdog said 9 years, 3 months ago:

Wow. That’s one for us all to search our souls about.
I do think that if the roles were reversed seekers would turn to Christianity. First of all, it’s hard to say that there is something about Wicca that draws a certain “type” of person because so many different types of people look into Wicca. Second, and this point is tied to the first, one thing the people who seek out Wicca tend to have in common is just that — they are seekers. Whether they stay Pagan or move on, or back, or whatever, they have in common that need to seek religious meaning. If we grew up Wiccan — and here I speak as someone who grew up Jewish, went seeking, found Paganism though not Wicca and went back — then the Circle would be our rote rituals and the Wrede would be a trite saying and we’d go looking elsewhere. I could very realistically see some of us looking towards a religion where prophets rail against “rituals being done by habit without any feeling” (Isiah 29:13)

Angel Demon said 9 years, 3 months ago:

I can’t speak for other people, however I can offer my perspective on this subject.
In my opinion, if the popularity of Wicca and Christianity were reversed, the society that we live in would be different in the way that more people would be searching for answers rather than blindly accepting the answers handed to them by preachers. However, it is not just to rule out the possibility of such a preaching system coming to be through Wicca as well should it reach such a state of popularity. Christianity was originally created for the same reason Wicca was; to find enlightenment, to bring one closer to god, to help one find understanding. Essentially, Christianity is a prime example of what happens when a power becomes dominant and fearful. In fear of what they believe to be proven wrong, they destroyed any findings that outside factions ever unearthed. This was entirely done to uphold their position of power. When something becomes too great, the amount of responsibility that comes with it often proves too challenging for many individuals to uphold, and because of this they do their best to make it easier to control. Without competition, there is no effort needed to keep ahead and lead the way for those seeking answers. Tragic, however humans are fragile, so it is to be expected.
In my honest opinion, the only way that Wicca would turn out to be different from Christianity should it reach such a state of popularity is if the beliefs and practices remained flexible and experimental much like they are today. As a smaller community compared to what are considered major religious powers, it is safe for ‘nobodies’ to experiment and discover new things to bring to their faith, because there is no head figure that needs to approve of new findings and agree with each individual as they discover and present their findings to their ‘superiors’. If Wicca remained as flexible and open as it is today while becoming as popular as Christianity, that would honestly be miraculous.

inkhryptedQuery said 9 years, 3 months ago:

Angel Demon, the Religion is not the Belief.

This is a great subject really. I do believe there would be people who would be looking into Christianity for answers. Although, the real Judeo-Christian beliefs aren’t really about self-empowerment. In fact, most of the Bible sort of just tells us how powerless people are.

If Wiccans were brainwashing children, I’m sure it would be the Christians who would be out there looking for answers. Engineering and Research is not a religion adverse practice.

A good way to think of it is that, right now, every religion, political party and clique has people who would rather take things at face value rather than to question what they have been told. And in the end, you still have to believe in -something-.

To question the validity of evidence is infinite, there is no base end. In the end, you have to take a leap of faith. Whether you believe in creationism or evolution or flying-speghetti-monsterism. It’s all still a leap of faith.

There’s evidence on all sides, and contradictions on all sides.

The unfortunate part is that people believe less on what they feel is true, and moreso on the behaviors of the people that tote the belief.

Just because a person is loud stupid and obnoxious, doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

And just because a person uses words that have greater than five syllables, doesn’t mean they’re right.

I will say however, that the need to defend itself is much more of an organization rather than the religion itself. Remember, Christianity was once a pursued and hated religion. People would be killed and tortured for believing in it.

People decide to use fear… But that’s not what the belief teaches.

Angel Demon said 9 years, 3 months ago:

inkhryptedQuery, the religion is essentially the figure head of the belief, and therefor can be used to reference accordingly.

Akasha said 9 years ago:

While we may not be able to say definitively what would happen if Christianity and Wicca were reversed, we can say what would happen between Paganism and Christianity. Wanting to become the more dominant religion, Christianity did everything to replace Paganism. All of the Christian holidays had purposefully selected dates to correspond to major Pagan holidays, and eventually replace them in popularity. And, as they say, the rest is history.

rose said 9 years ago:

I think that it depends on the person, if they were reversed then some people who were “soul searching” would definitely turn to Christianity, but i do think that there is just something about Wicca that is sort of a “soul searching” religion. does that answer the question or bring more?

Deleted User said 8 years, 8 months ago:

Probably would’ve been same shit to be honest.

If something becomes a source of power and money, it draws opportunistic and greedy people to it: take anything for example – alcohol during the prohibition era, gambling and porno industry during the times they were illegal and underground, drugs today, politics, and, of course, religion.

Probably same people would’ve been running the show, too. Pat Robertson would’ve been mumbling about the importance of Goddess in your life, the President would be swearing his oath on the Book of Shadows, but nothing really would’ve changed, because those who run the religious business don’t buy into it – don’t get high on your own supply, anyone who’ve seen Scarface knows it.

Christianity at its early days was a bit like the Manson Family, it was a typical brainwashing cult: to join a Christian commune, you had to sell all your possessions, literally all of them, and give the money to the commune, and you received a new name, and everyone wore the same rags, it was like Jonestown. And look at them now, motherfuckers be raping boys right and left and wear blings even Kenye West would’ve been saying ‘DAYM!’ to.