tara said 6 years, 9 months ago:

hi ,I’m tara , I’m shy and a pessimist , i have lot of inferiority about myself,
when i was 9 my parents got divorced ,everyone was depressed , everything was shattered , financial crisis,my mom left us , dad became alcoholic , me and my sister suffered a lot ,my mom wasnt there , my dad was physically present but he was never there for us , I understood the reality of the world, it was hard to live without mom , she used to take care of everything , nobody used to come to my parents teacher meeting , and next day they used to punish whose parents dont come to collect , 2-3 times i was punished after that if no one used to come i used to not go next day too,my sister and i became very close to my sis
I and my sister used to meet mom once in a month,but i was told not to tell about my mom dads divorce to anyone , we live in a conservative society , its hard to hide and lie ,(at which i suck) i cant even call my mom ,”mom”
she lives with another man ,he doesnt like us , we dont like him, i want to spend time with her , but he always comes in middle ,
i cant celebrate my birthday with her , I’m
tired of hiding,its irritating .i want to go out but there is no one ho can come with me
they say im selfish , i always think about my problems i dont understand their problems.

first my mom left , financial crisis it was very hard to adjust , somehow we lived , i became clase to my sis ,2 years ago she got married ,I changed everytime some one left,
Im not like other girls , i dont know many things im dumb ,im irresponsible ,careless,i got habituated to my life and i have my individuality now ,im tired of crying , hiding ,lying .i cant tell my friends about this , i try to not to get attached .

all of them love me but im not able to bear

I applied for professional course in commerce
in which i failed 4 times
last time i paid fee but couldn’t write ,
i decided this is the last time im trying
but i seriously dont have any idea what to do

sorry to irritate with my boring story,.

Hopefullylesspretentious said 6 years, 9 months ago:

Your story isn’t boring, @tara-3 . It sounds all kinds of unpleasant, and you have my sympathy and a virtual hug, if you want it. These things are difficult, and balancing all of them isn’t easy. You’re a strong person, if you’re still fighting. If you need any help with schoolwork, I can tutor in a lot of subjects. Feel free to PM me.

tara said 6 years, 9 months ago:

thanks for ur support :)