Rachmaninov forever said 4 years, 1 month ago:

Hello everyone,
I come here from time to time and I chat mainly as listener. There’s nothing to brag about, it’s just “listening” and trying to help whenever I can. I had some great conversations and it is always great to sense some relief on the other side. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen all the time, which is quite normal.
But what is definitely unacceptable, is when the conversation ends with the venter insulting me !
In my life, I’ve seen people who lost everything, really! every-thing. The kind of people you can’t even find words to comfort with, but these people kept one thing, one last vital thing: the ability to smile, or at least remain polite.
I know that when we are suffering, our mood is deeply affected (especially when we deal with depression), but there’s a limit that shouldn’t be crossed, politeness. Because when you insult a stranger who tries to help you just because he couldn’t bring you a miraculous instant relief, you’re not releasing your pain, you’re just being mean and selfish.

It has to be said, listeners shouldn’t be treated as punching bags.

rinseandrep said 4 years, 1 month ago:

Yes, anyone being rude should have the chat ended instantly.

mariko said 4 years ago:

People when in pain end up putting it on people who are innocent. So I totally agree with @rinseandrep , as a listener you also have to “listen” to your mind and know that such a level or being rude is not ok and you do not need to help that person. If that person wants help and you were being nice and helpfull, they don’t have any reason to respond with negativity towards you @rachmaninov-forever

blueberrycheese said 4 years ago:

Couldn’t agree more. But that’s the thing being in internet, people are behind their keyboard therefore they’d cared less about their persona and whatnot… It just we have to put a stronger mental barrier within ourselves, there are a lot of douchebags roaming in the internet, lol. Sorry for my english, and have a great day!