PaperKites21 said 5 years, 9 months ago:

If you have time, please read this. I am sorry it is long, but I need help.

I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years, we also have been living together for 2 years. I am 23 & he his 26. There has been some complications in our relationship even after a year after we were dating. Some of them should have been red flags to me, but I was in love and maybe thought I could change him or accept him. We would argue about the littlest things, back then we easily forgave each other or I went to my parents house, so i wouldn’t have to deal with it.
Now when we have an argument, we usually give each other the silent treatment, though sometimes we will apologize just to make each other happy. I guess after we lived together for a while things got a bit more stressful. I’m not perfect and he damn sure isn’t perfect either, we both have some problems.
This is about him, so ill tell you his problems. He does go to school and only one semester away from a Bachelors Degree. Apart from school, He lacks motivation. For Example, I usually take him & pink him up from school. I have been doing that for 2 years! I don’t mind it, but it got to a point where he would drag me out of bed and make me take him. One day he decided not to go to class all because I wouldn’t take him. On a usual day, when we get home and after he relaxes for a bit he is glued to his games, he never wants to go anywhere or do anything with me. If I ask, he says I am complaining.
I decided to get out and go hang out with friends/co workers. Some nights I wouldn’t come home and ill stay with friends. He then gets mad that “I’m never home” – It just confutes me.. when I’m there he doesn’t give me attention, when I’m out, he claims he misses me. I found out he is jealous because in his words, “you are out having fun, while i’m home bored to death” I only started staying the night with friends last month. I am so confused- I see him everyday!
I don’t know how much more I can take of this. I would like to take a break but we just signed a new lease together for a year, so I would have to help pay rent, He wouldn’t be able to afford himself, so with me paying rent, I wouldn’t be able to afford to live anywhere else, and I would not be interested in moving back in with my parents.

rinseandrep said 5 years, 9 months ago:

[I'll post this here too just in case someone else in the future can use it:]
This person was in a similar position, check the comments for ”rent” related advice and possible obligations as living partners.