Deleted User said 7 years, 7 months ago:

Alright Ethan, looks like we’re going to have to resort to plan B. If love movies ever taught me anything, it’s that women like being swept off their feet. So here’s what you do: once you see her running in the park, I want you to stare at her right in the eyes. Eventually she’ll stare back. This is when the butterflies-in-stomach feeling comes in. Then you run to her, pick her up off her feet, and carry her to the nearest high point that overlooks the city. Bonus points if there’s a sunset. You’ll want flowers to shower her with, oh and make sure you know a love song you can play on the guitar. If you can’t sing, get some background music you can lip-sync to. Then confess your love! You’ll also want a nice sharply-dressed tuxedo when doing this. Casual wear won’t cut it. She can’t possibly say no!

For real though :P , it’s okay if you’re nervous. We always think of the worst case scenario in these situations. Like Valeska said, we can’t know for sure, but don’t make any assumptions. Just be friendly, she’d have no reason not to like you then ^_^.

Valeska said 7 years, 7 months ago:

Silent Radiance, right you are. Sounds so romantic. Except, the tuxedo might be sweaty if he is walking about the park. Perhaps have it in the trunk. Pick her, take her to the nearest high point, perhaps she might prefer changing before she goes, while she is home, you switch into the TUX… boom, she comes back to a new and improved you. That is like so romantic lol.

But yes,Ethan don’t doubt. If she runs pass you again, “HEY!!!!!!” It will get her attention and possibly make her stop. “Hey?”

Ah Ethan, don’t forget that you want to make her day!

Deleted User said 7 years, 7 months ago:

As a girl myself, I think I know what u should do.
Walk up to her and say, “this may sound weird, but I thought u looked especially beautiful today.” I like hearing compliments, but no matter what I can’t except them. I k ow I’m not beautiful, but it’s nice thinking someone else thinks I am, but I make sure they know I’m not. I say this because she sounds just like me in that way. Make her believe it, then ask if she’d like to have coffee to get to know her. Being polite but straight forward (when asking her out on a date) is charming. Be elaborate when telling her she’s beautiful, make it come from the heart. I tell my best friend that she’s so beautiful that it makes angels cry of jealousy. I don’t say it to be romantic, I say it because she really is beautiful, but u could say it in a way that it is romantic. Best of luck!!! :)

EthanHunter said 7 years, 7 months ago:

Thanks for all the responses!

Hailey, I want to first say, I am sure you’re beautiful :) Everyone is beautiful :) I think we all like hearing compliments, and you’re definitely right, I should just do it with her. NO beating around the bush, just let her know how I feel and what I really think! —politely of course. :)

Val, yes, I have to remember it is about making her day :)

Silent, plan B was to run into her and fall to the floor. That should draw her interest. But yes, I think I just need to throw it all out there.

“YOU! I think you’re very beautiful, and I look forward to coming here every evening to see you! It sucks that I don’t know you, and I sometimes don’t get to rest my eyes on you, so I really want to get to know you and perhaps meet you sometime. Would you like to go out with me?”


Deleted User said 7 years, 7 months ago:

Just be yourself Ethan, I believe in you ;) . Keep up that confidence and you’ll do great. Just remember, you’re not proposing to her, just asking her if she wants to have lunch so you two can get acquainted :P . You even have a common topic; running. Good place to start.

EthanHunter said 7 years, 7 months ago:

All right, so I’ve been putting off sharing this, but you guys have been such a big help it would be an injustice if I don’t.

I did not see her when I was there, so I chilled in the car park for a few. There it was I picked her out in the crowd, jogging with another guy. I was about to get in my car, when I noticed he stopped to chat with some people and she left him. I got extra motivated when I saw that he left and was not waiting on her.

I was pretty frightened, nervous, asking so many questions as to who the guy was. Then an idea came to me. I saw a coconut vendor, so I went to get some and I got her one with a straw. When she was coming off the tracks she saw me and blushed! So I didn’t think twice I went in with, “Wow you’re pretty fast, figured you would need some electrolytes!” I fed her some facts (make believe too) about coconut water, and that lead us to talking.

Then I jumped out on the ledge without a parachute when she mentioned that she goes on the treadmill on days she can’t make it. I asked her out… and she revealed that she was dating someone already. I apologized, she said that I couldn’t know, and blah blah, she apologized too. Reflecting back on things, I messed up further by leaving. I told her that she didn’t have to apologize, and I am glad to meet her. She returned the same sentiments, and then I told her to have a wonderful night and slipped away.

I was thinking, perhaps I shouldn’t have left right away. She wasn’t even halfway done with the coconut! I should have waited until she was done? I do recall hearing her say, “Oh you’re leaving…” which means she was probably taken aback by it? In which case, I showed defeat. Oh gosh, I handled it pretty badly. I think I said, “Anyway, you probably have to get going now right?” I seriously can’t recall if I did or not… sigh.

I should have asked for her number or something? Perhaps talk to her some more… I messed up didn’t I? I mean, she said dating, she didn’t say she had a boyfriend. Now what I am going to do? Ha, she might probably never return to the park and stick to her treadmill.

Deleted User said 7 years, 7 months ago:


You were very nervous so it’s understandable. She was probably disappointed because she wanted to get to know you, but as soon as she said she was dating you left. I know you didn’t mean it that way, but that’s probably how it came off. I think if you two get along you can at least be friends in the meantime, if that’s what you want. It was nice of you to do that for her, I’m sure she still likes you and would be willing to talk again if the time presents itself. Don’t worry too much about it.

Think about it this way: If she didn’t like you, she wouldn’t have been sad to hear that you’re leaving. Right? So don’t put yourself down too much, this just means that you introduced yourself well and can keep talking to her more comfortably as time goes on.

EthanHunter said 7 years, 7 months ago:

The time may never present itself. What do I do? Seek her out again and tell her I am sorry for the abrupt departure? Or should I just say hey and speak to her as if nothing happened? I guess friendship is okay. I don’t know, I just feel downbeat about it.

Yeah, unless she was just taken aback by my sudden departure? I guess I will just try to be positive. After all, I did approach her and got her name at least.

Deleted User said 7 years, 7 months ago:


You shouldn’t pretend nothing happened, you just introduced yourselves and that’s okay. Next time you’re with her, tell her that you’d like to get to know her and that it’s nice to run with her. Maybe set up a time where you two can run together. Relationships are a lot like friendships, either way you’re getting to know her. If you can be great friends, you can be great partners.

EthanHunter said 7 years, 7 months ago:

Yeah, I guess you are right.

She also didn’t specify a boyfriend, she just said she was dating someone. If it also was serious, she probably wouldn’t have said, “I am so sorry.”

Okay yeah, if I see her again, I will just go talk to her. We already broke the ice, well coconut. That’s good, maybe things can go somewhere one day who knows. I will just do it, really there is nothing wrong. I hope she doesn’t avoid me now.

Valeska said 7 years, 7 months ago:

Awww! I am sorry Ethan, but hey you did an excellent job! This is perfect advice for everyone as well. When you are trying to break the ice, do not limit yourself. Use the surroundings to your advantage. There must be something to derive a topic from. As Silent pointed out lead with something you got in common, running. Then add your little tweak, the coconut water! That’s brilliant, Silent and Ethan, awesome ideas. :)

Ethan, hey don’t feel too bad okay. If she said, “I am so sorry,” what does that even mean? Why should she be sorry for having a date? Clearly she likes you!

Your reaction might lose you some points, but hey don’t forget that she is in fact, A PERSON. I am sure she understands disappointment and knew what happened.

Just be yourself again. Do not go ignoring her. There is a slight chance she may see you and not approach you given what happened, but don’t be shy and don’t avoid her. You’re already in. You made her day, don’t go ruining that now! Be happy and be yourself. Go talk to her!