aireens said 7 years ago:

when i was in high school i didnt really have that close bond with anyone, or have people i can 100% call a bestfriend and i was ok with it but since ive entered college i notice that i dont really feel satisfied with any of my friends. im already an upcoming 3rd yr and the first group of friends i had were ok but i felt so uncomfortable with them it felt like i was looking for something but i didnt know what im looking for
now im with another group of friends whom i was really happy with at the first months we all became friends but then i started to notice things about them that made me feel annoyed, they do stuff that make me feel restricted about being myself and i know most of you would say that i should just find a new group of friends but its really not that easy since our department is really small and everyone has already established friendships with others..
in conclusion i am not happy being with most of my friends..

any advice on how should i handle this? is it maybe just me whos the problem ?

ps talking to them is not a really good option because everything become so full of drama that after we talk its just awkward.

Devereux said 7 years ago:

Hey Aireens :)

Yeah, I really don’t think it’s you who’s the problem at all. In fact I don’t think anyone is the problem.

It’s quite possible that they just happened to be the group of people to hang about with in mutual classes but you just don’t have any common interests with them, or if these are old friends from your high school days you could just be drifting from them. I know it’s easier said than done but don’t feel bad about it because these things happen. It’s just part of life!

As to the solution, perhaps consider getting involved with nearby groups or small communities that have similar interests outside of college. If you’re open to that idea, you’re likely to get more genuine friends than you know what to do with, then you can concentrate on college and getting an awesome career at the end of it all.

All I can say is please try not to lose hope and I understand that you like to be accepted and belong somewhere; we are social creatures after all.

I hope this helps out in some way, and feel free to throw me a message if you need to :)

mariko said 7 years ago:

“but its really not that easy since our department is really small and everyone has already established friendships with others..” , I know how it feels cause the exact same thing is happening to me…
I struggle alot with making friends. But if you ever need someone to talk to please feel free to message me. It might be a virtual friend, but at least it will be a friend.
I’m sending you lots of virtual hugs and I hope everything get’s better for you