lilwisher93 said 1 year ago:

I need some advice. My parents are not a fan of my boyfriend. It really frustrates me that they don’t approve of him because of his race and his current situation. He is Spanish and I am white. He had to drop out of collage due to money issues, but he is working to get money to go back to school. I try to explain this to them but they don’t listen, they just assume things without getting the facts from both of us. My dad thinks I could of done better and look for someone who is in my race or who is more successful. I am in a point in my life where i am happy for myself. I am sick and tried of pleasing my parents just to make them happy. I want to tell them how I feel but its going to end up with a fight and i don’t want that.

hmmmm said 1 year ago:

How old are you? I assume you are still at home?

Everyone has issues with their parents’ likes and dislikes. Find a way to manage until you get out on your own. You need enough money to live on and pay bills to be happy, more if you want to do expensive things or own a house. Love only goes so far if your other basic needs aren’t met.

Good luck.

rinseandrep said 1 year ago:

@lilwisher93 What do you want to tell them, about how you feel?

AKGibson said 1 year ago:

I will tell you the same thing that I told my friend when she felt a similar way. You owe your parents a lot, BUT you do not owe them your happiness.

Fights suck, they really do. That being said, keeping your feelings bottled up…is giving them your happiness. I’m not saying it will make things better, no one can guarantee that but I would talk to them about how you feel. Yes, it may suck for a bit, but hopefully they come around because they want what is the best for you. And what’s best for everyone is for them to be happy.