Lilium said 6 years, 7 months ago:

What got you to give up meat?
I gave it up the second my parents would let me…I tried when I was 14, I had just started to understand where meat actually comes from and the horrible conditions of the living animals before a brutal slaughter and I didnt want to be a consumer anymore, but I was forbidden…so I decided again when I was 17 and I was able to switch. I am on my fourth year now (switched august 13, 2010)

Deleted User said 6 years, 7 months ago:

For me, it all started when I got food poisoning from a Korean beef dish. It was horrible and after that I gave up on eating red meat (cow and pig). That was in 2011. In 2012, I saw videos online about the horrors of factory farming and it was so shocking and sad to me. One day I went out to eat a chicken dish, and later that night I felt sick..I didn’t want that inside my body anymore. So I went vegetarian and a month after that I saw Vegucated which brought me into veganism. :) Been vegan/vegetarian for a year and 5 months now. I would never go back!

Girl with a Secret said 6 years, 7 months ago:

I stopped eating meat in 2009 because I watched all of these videos of how they kill the animals, and also I didn’t eat much meat in the first place, so I thought why not? and here I am today still a vegetarian :)

Dxto said 6 years, 6 months ago:

Well in my case when i was young i reaaally liked meat, I just couldnt eat something if it didnt have meat, but even so i loved animals very much, but once I found out how the beautiful animals became the tasty meat, I was unable to ever eat meat again, and that was in 2002. Since then I havent eat anything with a face and I dont regret it.

Allie said 6 years, 5 months ago:

I stopped eating meat about eight years ago, because every time I looked at the burger or chicken or whatever I was eating all I could think about was the poor animal that had to die just for this one meal for me, and I would feel so guilty. I feel so much happier without it and I don’t even miss the taste of it. Best decision I’ve made.

Deleted User said 6 years, 2 months ago:

So it’s basically guilt and feeling sorry for slaughter, that made all you ^ change..

I changed because I thought meat lied so heavy in my stomach.
I found lighter alternatives, lots of protein in beans for an example. Also because in vegetables, it’s just packed with so much goodness.
Living like this, make me feel like I eat what you are supposed to. Like the healthiest you could do and give your body (and water and so on..)
I still like meat a bit, but don’t eat it, because of lost interest.

alexandra said 6 years ago:

im not a vegetarian, but ive had to go vegan, and not by choice sadly. i flipping love cheese and all that, but i react to it way too much.all you people that dont have allergies are truely blessed

quack-quack said 6 years ago:

I have never had meat.

I feel like it is just something dead.

Cant think of it as food. :)

Deleted User said 6 years ago:

Because alot of the food you see for sale (excluding natural resources like fruint n veg) are not food but actually products. They contain chemical substances that lead to numerous diseases, resulting in people relying on the medical economy which creates even more illness further down the line.
These genetically modified foods also have chemicals which are injected into animals prior to slaughtering them.
So when you eat the flesh of an animal, your not only consuming injected chems and modified chems when they’re pre-packaged, but also you’re ingesting the bad energy of that animal.
Imagine how it felt before being slaughtered etc.
These are just a few reasons why many people on here are the way they are subconsciously.

Feel free to join and check my thread for more deep info;

Viscaria said 6 years ago:

Because of the way the animals are horribly treated and killed.

Dani said 6 years ago:

I’m 14 now and I only started a month ago, but it makes me feel so much better about myself. I know it sounds cheesy, but i do feel like I’m helping animals and helping save the world by not eating meat. It also helps my metabolism, so I am losing weight, which is good.

Elsa said 6 years ago:

I’ve been a vegan for about ten years, and was vegetarian for a couple of years before that. I stopped eating meat because I couldn’t rationally justify it — it isn’t necessary, and causing unnecessary suffering for the sake of pleasure and convenience seemed indefensible.

Hannah said 5 years, 11 months ago:

Ive been vegetarian for just over a year now (on and off pescetarian for 5 years before that). It’s all for the animals, because I care about them and I will be helping them for the rest of my life (as a vet tech). I plan on going vegan as soon as I can.

hailey said 5 years, 11 months ago:

I actually became vegetarian because of Netflix! Odd as it sounds, it’s true! I did a binge on all of the food/nutrition documentaries on Netflix about a year ago and learned that being vegetarian/vegan has so many worldly and health benefits. It was truly the best decision for me :)

Progressing Positivity said 5 years, 10 months ago:

I’m from India and my mom’s side of the fam are pure “brahmans”( basically, there are 4 castes and brahmans are the highest and they are pure vegans) but my dad drinks, eats non veg and all so does my sis (but she does it secretly, like without my grandparents knowing). My mom says i can whatever I wish to but she secretly wants me to carry on the ‘legacy’/whatever, I can see it in her heart..SO that’s why I chose to scarifice it..I did taste it once and it didn’t feel bad or anything..for now I’m an eggitarian :)