Foulwermammal said 5 years, 5 months ago:

I’ve been vegetarian for a little over a month now, and I want to go to a vegan lifestyle, but I don’t really know how to get started ya know? most of my family is being a pain in the ass about being vegetarian. saying it’s unhealthy and that I’m losing too much weight (when in reality I’ve never lost weight, more if anything) I’m naturally skinny and boney. so I’m pretty sure they’re are just looking for excuses for me to change back. but I eat often, too often I think. but I was wondering what to buy to get started. I still live my mom and her boyfriend. and probably won’t be moving out too soon sadly. other than what to buy to get started. does anyone know places to possibly work that would support veganism? so I had support and would adjust faster? any tips would help. thanks.

Chickpea said 5 years, 5 months ago:

Hello! You could inform your family on the facts of being a vegetarian/vegan and the health benefits as well as the moral ones (I have some links which are useful )

The main thing you can do keep being vegan easy is to make a lot of your meals from scratch. This will make it easier to use dairy substitutes which you can find in many health stores and supermarkets, brands such as Alpro are approved by the vegan society.

You can message me if you have any questions :)

Deleted User said 5 years, 1 month ago:

I workout. I’m currently doing grad school while about to work. I’m about to graduate top of my class. I have a good-looking body. I don’t eat meat too. People don’t give me crap. I inspire them to do the same without saying anything.

You can work for PETA, if you like them. PETA’s everywhere. They’re vegan. I think, they offer free food and accommodation. Although, I could be wrong.