Deleted User said 6 years, 7 months ago:

I noticed there aren’t any topics on this group, so I decided to make one. Here we can share our favorite recipes, or just something easy that we usually eat. Also, let’s introduce ourselves! How long have you been a veghead and why?

Here’s one of my favorites:

I started a vegan diet because of the documentary Vegucated. If anyone of you guys haven’t seen it, it’s great! At the end it challenges you to go vegan for only a month, so I did. I kept it going for 10 months, and ever since Feb. I added cheese and ice-cream. But I felt my best when I was vegan, so i’m going back very soon. Also i’ve been interested in the frutarian diet, if anyone doesnt know of FullyRaw on Youtube or TheLifeRegenerator, they’re pretty inspiring. Anyway, I would love to get to know you guys more since where I live the only vegetarian I know is my boyfriend. Ha!

Lilium said 6 years, 7 months ago:

I loved meat for one…I have been a vegetarian for three years now and I find that I really love the meat substitute brands “Morning star” and “Quorn”
Morning star even makes bacon now….its pretty fantastic, I still have bacon sausage and egg breakfast sandwiches because its mostly mushrooms, its a great way to keep up your protein intake and the best way I was able to get my boyfriend to switch. He will have been vegetarian for one year in less than a month ^_^.

Deleted User said 5 years, 8 months ago:

One of my favorites is Aubergine Moussaka which I get from a recipe book we have at home but this one is the nearest I found from a quick browse!