Lutine Bifax said 7 years, 7 months ago:

Hi. As Valentine’s day is approaching, and some of us may feel left out and bummed out this year, I thought it would be fun and nice to assign each other amongst us. The gifts can be anything from a drawing, to a poem, to a story, to a song, and so forth. The only requirement is that it is appropriate for most age groups, and that there was effort put into the gift.
If you are willing to participate, write a comment below, stating how you express your love/ appreciation towards others, and how many valentines you are willing to have. Write your initials together with your three favorite one digit number. This will help me partner you up with people and make sure that you are assigned to people that express their love similar to yourselves. All the gifts that are left over, are given publicly for anyone who is having a bad day. :)

TheBeardedGuys said 7 years, 7 months ago:

Drawing something along with a pun of some sort is one way I like to express love/appreciation. :)
I’ll give this thing for a little spin– TBH701

And what you are doing here is an awesome thing to do. Keep being awesome, Lutine Bifax. ^^