Endless Hope. said 6 years ago:

I don’t know what page to follow anymore so I’ll follow anybody’s page if you post it here and in exchange follow mine too!


ohcolonialbird said 6 years ago:

Following you!

Lutine Bifax said 6 years ago:

Also following. :) I love being asked stuff

Bird said 6 years ago:


Following everyone :)

Snuggsbunny said 6 years ago:

I write and i draw :)
if anyone is intrested
Msg me, ask me anything i love an active blog

bignoize said 6 years ago:

i’m very new to this website and tumblr as well, but i’ll try to be good :)


Charlotte said 6 years ago:

Checking out new followers and up for making friends :3


Deleted User said 6 years ago:

This is my Tumblr but warning it contains triggers around child abuse. It contains poems and images to go with them


Silent Rain said 6 years ago:

My tumblr is dark and negative. Trigger warning!


Cherise said 6 years ago:


Warning, my blog might be triggering, but I also post positive happy things as well. I follow back :3

now-i’m-a-warrior said 6 years ago:


Warning: I reblog a lot of porn. Whoopsie c:

Edit: I also have a recovery blog. The URL is on my personal blog

Alice said 6 years ago:

22ndmay.tumblr.com follow me and I’ll follow you!

BrokenShadow said 6 years ago:

Follow and I’ll follow back. :D

ZakEmpire said 6 years ago:

zakempire.tumblr.com no specific theme to the blog or anything, but happy to be contacted about anything

Supermanfan92 said 6 years ago:


Follow me and I’ll Follow back.. My blog is most of the time about depression and relationships but also about random stuff too, people are always welcome to talk to me about any of there problems im here to help anyway i can :)