Ren said 6 years, 11 months ago:

I know school can be stressful, especially when there are tests (trust me, I know) so I’ve decided to give you guys a few tips :)

1. Chew a unique flavor of gum while studying and while taking the test. It helps you jog your memory.

2. Try finding a quiet place to study, if you can.

3. If you like to study with music, stick to instrumentals. Lyrics can hurt your information retention. (via BuzzFeed)

4. Try to study at least a week before the test. If you procrastinate and study at the last minute, the shock of a lot of information at once can confuse you a lot.

5. Studying in different places (i.e. the library, your room, a closet, an attic, a basement) helps with information retention. (via BuzzFeed)

6. If you have to read long passages, leave a trail of snacks every few paragraphs. It’s honestly the best incentive to read.

7. Record lectures and play them back 2x fast to save time. (via BuzzFeed)

8. If you type your notes, type them in Times New Roman because it’s the easiest and fastest to read.

9. Practice tests are the best way to study. To find ones for your subject, google “site:edu (SUBJECT) exam” or go to

10. Take notes when reading long passages. It makes it much easier to refer to if you have to look at the same material again. (via Scott Young)

11. Use the Feynman Techinque:
-choose your concept
-explain the idea to yourself as if you were teaching it to someone else
-if you get stuck, relearn the concept
-simplify the subject and make analogies to clean up all the messy, complicated words (via Scott Young)

12. Get some sleep!!! Losing one night of sleep can impair reasoning for four days.

Hope these helped you guys! If you have any more, please comment below :)