starfish said 6 years ago:

Have you been nervous or struggled with going to a new school? Whether it be because you moved to a new location or the transition between middle school to high school or high school to university/college.

Share your experiences, advice for those who are nervous or anxious about going to a new school and any tips for those who have trouble dealing with this kind of change!

Orchid said 6 years ago:

Wear a favourite clothing item, make or buy a favourite drink on the first day, and make sure you take along a favourite book or accessory to give you that extra bit of comfort. And make use of the space in the library. There are always nooks or crannies you can set up camp in and just calm down and relax in.

Anybody said 6 years ago:

When I started high school and left my friends behind, for the first couple of days I became a more outgoing version of myself. I said hello to anyone I didn’t know and basically tried to get the feel for who I wanted to be friends with. Luckily I found a few nice people so that I could go back to being my quiet self, but being loud for the first few days would be my advice. At best, you’ll find some great friends. At worst, you’ll know who to avoid later.

My other advice would be to ask lots of questions. Ask upperclassmen (or anyone, if you’re transferring in) about what teachers to avoid, what their classes are, or how to get places. Most people are happy to show off what they know, or if they aren’t, again, you’ll know who to avoid.

Deleted User said 6 years ago:

I have always been the new kid. Its like a curse.
Everyone will be interested in you. Girls you don’t know will start stalking you. Teachers will treat you differently. Your own classmates will constantly try to test you.
Just act chilled, dont let the attention get to you. Dont be overtly social or shy. Just blend in, and pick your spots!
Dont act like the new kid, nervous and all that. Act like you been doing it all your life, go get em!!