ShawnDude82 said 3 years, 8 months ago:

Is it too late to post in here? Seems things have been quiet for awhile. If not, sorry. But I do have a love story that you may like. It’s pretty long as it lasted a long time. Might have to break it into parts. We’ll see.

This one starts when I was in Middle School. This girl, Veronica, who was in my English class. Short blonde hair, brown eyes, and a free spirited personality. As in, she wasn’t into trends, wore pretty much whatever was comfortable, hated makeup, was a bit tomboyish. She didn’t put herself into the spotlight that much. Her best friend, Katie, was the more outgoing type, where Veronica was sort of shy. They balanced each other out I guess. Katie was a pretty awesome person, too.

All through 7th grade, I had a growing crush on Veronica. Unfortunately, the school year passed without me ever asking her to hang out. Not to say we didn’t know each other, she spoke to me in class, I spoke to her. We had group assignments where we would sometimes be on the same team. But that was it. I felt pretty stupid honestly, I was too scared to ask her what I really wanted to ask.

8th grade started, and Veronica was back in two of my classes. English again, and home room. I swear the teacher wasn’t even in home room half the time. We mostly just sat quietly and tried to get ahead of any homework we received. But anyway, yea, she was there and we got to sit together. Yay us.

We had these girls who were just awful in homeroom with us. They were obnoxious and picked on whoever they saw as a target. I had some experience with them but I was lucky that I never really had to run into them that often. There were a few people in school they liked to bully (i.e. flipping hairbands at people, name-calling, hair flipping, throwing objects at, etc. Standard bully tactics.) Understand that back in 1995, there wasn’t really any anti-bullying movement in effect yet. They’d get shushed by the teacher and then start up again as soon as he left. Sometimes they’d be suspended which again, didn’t solve anything except give the rest of us a day or two break from them. Veronica was one of their victims. Of course I witnessed it as well, but she always ignored them as we were taught to do. She always seemed not to be bothered.
Note the word ‘seemed’. We’ll get to that.

Our school had a winter dance coming up. We had the most informal dances you can imagine in our middle school. You didn’t have to dress up. The entire thing took place in the lunch room after they’d fold up all the tables and move the chairs up against the wall to create a dance floor just big enough to hold 100 of us comfortably, and 200 if we wanted to feel cramped. The lights were dimmed, music would play off of a disc player hooked up to two large speakers, and we had a disco ball plus a strobe light. Basically if you had bought a ticket beforehand, you could head inside after the final bell rang, just go as you are, and do whatever. Dance, sit, contemplate the school’s budget, the choice was yours. I went, because I had nothing better to do. Mom would pick me up in an hour and a half. Veronica and Katie were there, though I didn’t notice at the time because, my senses were overloading and I needed time for my eyes to adjust.

I have two things to confess here before we go any further. 1. I can’t dance worth a crap and originally had no intention of asking anyone to dance with me. And 2. To this very day, I am a complete and absolute sucker for a damsel in distress.

I finally noticed Veronica sitting with Katie in the chair by the wall. Katie was comforting her as she was sobbing her eyes out. She had her purple quilted coat on, her head was down, she was hunched over with a collection of tissues in her hand.

My heart reached out to her, and before I could blink, I had approached the two of them. “Hey what’s up?” I asked.
Katie smiled at me, “Hey, having fun?
“Kinda.” I replied, “She okay?”
“No!” Veronica cried.
“She had a hard day.” Katie sighed. “Bitches messin’ with my girl.”
“I wanted to ask if Veronica wanted to dance, actually.”
Katie nodded, “I figured. And yes she does.”
“I’m too sad.” Veronica half laughed.
“Nonono. You are not.” Katie held Veronica’s head in her hands. “What your going to do now is your going to dance with him.” Katie smiled and pointed around at the tear streams on her face, “All of these have to be gone by the time you get back. Deal?”

Veronica was still crying hard when she got up and, her head still lowered, she placed her face into my shoulder and we held each other while swaying to the tunes.. She managed to stop crying pretty quickly, there was still sniffing, but the rest of the afternoon she was calmer and willing to dance until my time was up.

Then she and Katie walked with me to my mom in her car. I promised her we’d talk more tomorrow, we hugged, and that was how we started dating.

Plenty more to our story, but I’m tired. Will post more about us if requested.
Otherwise, g’night gang!

Hangry said 3 years, 8 months ago:

dat’s so cute with da dance.pls tell more

ShawnDude82 said 3 years, 8 months ago:

Thanks. When I have some time I’ll talk more about her.