TheMatter said 9 years ago:

So I’ve been after the same girl for over half a year now. She’s no good for me I think and she doesn’t like me back but I’ve been wishing just for a chance for so long.
When we moved up to the school we’re in now together people already thought we should – or already had – ask each other out. I wasn’t into the idea at the time. It wasn’t that she was a bad person or that she was bad looking but she has quirks, and luggage. I ended up liking the idea about half a year later, a year after we met.
Now, six months down the line, so much has gone on that I can’t remember what the first trigger of entropy was, but everything’s fallen apart; the clique we built and the friendship we shared with the people around us. Finally, through some bad decisions on her part and some lies told to me, we ended up not speaking. Now I’m at a loss. I don’t have many friends and those I do have don’t really see me as much more than someone who’s tagging along for the ride for now, except for one or two people. I don’t know if they see a good in me that I don’t or if they’re sorely mistaken, but I guess it was them that I took comfort in.
And so one of these friends is a girl who liked the idea of being with me a good nine months ago. She understands how ridiculous that idea was and is now, and she’s with someone I think.
But over the last week I’ve just been getting on with it. Just trying to be friends with the people I’m still friends with, and while it stings, it’s a little more bearable.

So I say all that to say this; just over the last two days or so, I’ve reached a new state of mind. I’ve gotten to a point where I’ve decided that I don’t feel like playing that game anymore. It’s not a ‘If someone likes me I’ll give them a shot’ thing, it’s more along the lines of ‘Yeah so it’d be fun but think about the consequences…’ kind of thing. I guess I just don’t really want to dive into this for a fourth time just to get kicked in the teeth again.

I just figured I’d share this in case anyone needs it.

Miss.TalksAlot said 8 years, 9 months ago:

When something turns out the wrong way you get to feel this way, that’s understandable. Thinking about the consequences isn’t bad though.
Try not to let this hold you back, if you don’t try you’ll never know.

It’s really hard to find someone that fits you right and that treats you right. Everyone has had it’s failures and so they learned from it.

Some people don’t learn from it, and they keep hurting others but that shouldn’t stop you from starting a bond with someone.

Girls can be picky, or hard to understand and hard to deal with. Though these expierences will makes you wiser.

All I want to say is, don’t put your head down and never give up. You live only once and giving up will make you regret sooner or later, but taking the risk will either or make you wiser or make you happier for taking the risk!