PenguinFairy said 5 years, 8 months ago:

I know smoking is bad blah blah all that jazz
But I’ve found that it relieves a lot of anxiety for me. It just helps calm me down. I’ve tried different breathing exercises and so on, but smoking calms me down better and faster(it also helps my migraines). Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have a better way to calm down just as effectively?(cigarettes are hella expensive)

Marisa said 5 years, 8 months ago:

(HI! You actually just commented on one of my posts, so I guess I’m returnign the favor lol)
I’m not a habitual smoker because the majority of my family is and I’ve lost a lot of family members to it because of addiction, so I try not to smoke regular. However, I do smoke very ocassionally when I’m REALLY stressed out.
The most I ever smoked in a period of time was one cigarette a day over about 4 days. I had quit antidepressants cold turkey, which I wasn’t warned against doing, so I didn’t know I would have negative reactions. I was extremely dizzy all the time, had horrific mood swings, and just generally felt like crap. Smoking helped a bit. Not a lot, but any improvement was welcome at that point. Haha
Other than that, I don’t really have any tips on calming down from anxiety. Usually when I have a panic attack, I just have to seclude myself and breathe for a few minutes. Sometimes if someone is with me who understands panic attacks and anxiety that helps as well.

hatsune miku said 5 years, 8 months ago:

I know this is super cheesy and all, but smoking actually can do the opposite. If you have anxiety and stress a lot, you will have the need to smoke a lot, and it will get you more addicted. Then, you will go through withdrawals and feel 5x or so more the anxiousness.

And smoking can damage your brain, there are harsh chemicals than can do just that. I just do hope you’re not that addicted yet, and I am glad you are asking for different methods. ^_^

I would try doing the breathing methods you are doing right now, but take longer and deeper breaths, and exhale them slower and in smaller intakes.

Also, you can shake all your tension. Shake and gently twist your body, head from toe, starting from your head, revolving it in a circular motion, then moving your torso around a little, shaking your arms gently, and so on.

I would also suggest to have a glass of water whenever you feel anxious. If you don’t have water near you, try to see if you can have access to a water fountain.

Some specific methods I like are called The Tapping Method, Lajing and Paida Therapy (ancient chinese), and yoga.

Lastly, do something that you enjoy. Read a good book, do some slow dancing, listen to music, lie down, and even nap if you’d like, and one of the most important things, is to let it out, Talk to someone about it, vent, and release all that negative energy, you can even do that in a journal.

Now these are usually common ways for you to combat minor/ slightly moderate anxiety, if none of these work, you should find a trained therapist, and if you are prescribed, you could take prescriptions.

Good luck, and good wishes on your next endeavours. (=^ェ^=)

LoverOfPitBulls101 said 5 years, 8 months ago:

For me smoking is a huge way to calm down and ease tensions. I try to keep to a ‘vape’, which is supposed to be better than actual burning things. The liquid can be more expensive but it lasts longer than a pack of smokes and can taste a whole bunch better.

rinseandrep said 5 years, 8 months ago:

Yeah, apparently it’s a self medicating habit, with some curbing effect on emotions. I’ve been checking out a book, ‘Recovery from Smoking: Quitting with the 12 Step Process’, the amount of CBT exercises suggested to deal with cravings or stress or emotions gives an idea of the underlying elements of nicotine addiction.