Deleted User said 4 years, 7 months ago:

Hey everyone.
I’m 22 years old female and I’m looking new people to meet and make friends with!
I live in Finland with my dog. Beside dogs I’m interested in painting/drawing, military, theoretical physics and airplanes. Also a lot of other things that I’m not gonna list here, haha. Ask if you’re interested to.

I’m social introvert – I like to be with people but I also need a lot of lonely time. I also suffer from social anxiety but it’s not that bad anymore. Affects somewhat my life but doesn’t control it.

I have had rough time in my life from bullying to mental problems and other things, listed in my profile as you know. I can relate and understand those, because I’ve lived them by. As in, if you’re seeking someone to talk to.

So yeah, beside this, I’m quite easygoing, open and have a really bad/dark sense of humor.

We can discuss about anything and I’m willing to tell more about me in private. I can speak English or Finnish.

I’m looking friends only. You can be whatever you are. But I wish you’re at least over 16, preferably at 20s.

My skype is Aliavaruusasema.

Obedient Dock said 4 years, 4 months ago:

skype: hollering_whale