KornyKid said 7 years ago:

Im a born female and sometimes have urges to be very feminine and cutesy as expected of me. Yet, sometimes i also really would like to be a male. Its hard to explain, maybe because i feel it is unnatural as deemed by society. Advice?

mariko said 7 years ago:

@kornykid is it a matter of just clothing? Cause if so there are thousands of men wearing women’s clothes, and vice versa. Nothing wrong with that.
Now if it’s also in terms of sexuality and a bigger need to be both at the same time, is a different story. I recommend to try to find support groups about this matter so you can have better and clear information about this.
Sometimes not having enough information might create confusion about who we are.
Best of luck <3

laylab95 said 7 years ago:

@kornykid @marikofujimoto is right. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to dress feminine one day and boyish the other days. That’s kind of where the term “tomboy” come in at. If it’s your sexuality, talk to someone, explore it if you can. Don’t let what the society thinks hold back your happiness okay?