Adviser said 6 years ago:

NOt sure if this is the place for this, but I’m part of the community for years as a listener so I feel comfortable to seek here. I have a beautiful girlfriend and she wants a friend. A female friend to talk with.

Here’s why I’m looking one for her: we live a BDSM relationship, I’m a dominant, she’s a submissive/little. She has a strong anxiety and is super shy, so friends are rare, she isn’t really believing I’m looking for a friend for her. She just wants someone she can talk about and be open and have some “requirements”, I say so jokingly, just to put in the context of what she needs. As her Dom, I do anything to attain her needs. This is what she’s looking for:

-have mental issues
-Be intelligent
-be kind and needy and clingy
-Be a sub/little
-be open to sex talk
-play videogames with me
-Skype maybe
-Trade porn with me like it’s pokemon cards
-like cute stuff
-Be into videogames and anime
-Can’t be shorter than me unless v cute
-Fashion interest
-preferably a fairy or princess of some sort

If you are like this or know someone like this or have an idea where I could find one, please send me an inbox, we can talk. Thank you very much.

Swifting said 6 years ago:

I’m not entirely sure that this is appropriate.

rinseandrep said 6 years ago:

I don’t know if a BDSM relationship is a valid excuse to be codependent about her social anxiety. Maybe as her dom you should explore pushing her do take matter in her own hands, rather than taking over.

Other than that, this sounds like an ad written by a couple, rather than her, I think taking you out of the process would make a more realistic ad. If she wants a friend. If you two want a plaything, then nevermind.

Mooinator3000 said 6 years ago:

I’m for it except I wouldn’t Skype. I’m just weird about it