ash stump-way said 7 years, 10 months ago:

i’m a transgender guy, and i want to know how to come out to my friends and family. 4 of my friends in real life know, but they are super close and i wanna know how to come out to teachers, friends that aren’t as close, and my mom and her boyfriend. thank you in advance!!! :D

melissayoung said 7 years ago:

A friend of mine underwent the same 2 years before and I’m glad she could convince her parents without much effort. But you need to know that the specifics of how you come out to friends and family are different for each and every person. Talking to your friends and family is an opportunity for them to know you better. By engaging in a justification of your identity, tell them that your identity needs to be justified. If you feel they object it very much, then you may need to go defensive.
Also, I want you to go through this which explains some tips to ease anxiety while transitioning. Hope it would be helpful.