TheMatter said 5 years, 2 months ago:

So one time I was with my girlfriend at the time. We were inside watching a movie together, lying down on the couch. We had been kissing and we didn’t want to do anything because it was her time of the month. Eventually she was on top of me, both of us clothed, and was grinding at me. I kept telling her to stop because it was making me uncomfortable. Later she said she was ‘testing’ me and my ability to resist the temptation of it.

I just want to know if that classifies as sexual assault because I’m pretty sure it does but of course she denied it does when we argued after she wouldn’t leave me alone when we broke up.

Guava said 4 years, 11 months ago:

If you do not consent, or you say no before/during it, then yes it classifies. People may disagree as you were in a relationship with her, but it does classify as sexual assault as one party of the activity wasn’t into it and didn’t want it. I hope you’re okay, it’s a tough thing to go through. Always here if you need someone- username is Guava and I’m a private mail away :) I hope you have a lovely week