Ayana said 8 years, 5 months ago:

I’ll get right to the story. So my experience with sexual assault was about four years ago (I was 11). My grandpa had just died and my family gathered at his house for a celebration of his life. I didn’t feel like being around anyone (This was my time of depression) so I went to the room at the end of the hallway to just chill and watch tv. My uncle came in a few minutes later and asked why I wasnt with everyone else and I told him why. He said he knew what would cheer me up and then he started tickling me. After a few seconds he started touching me in ways I didn’t understand, but I was really uncomfortable. (For those of you wondering how I didn’t know about what he was doing, I was a very sheltered child.) I started feeling really uncomfortabe and scared so I pushed him off me and ran to my mom. I told her what happened and my favorite aunt. They kept me close for the rest of the night. My mom told my uncle’s mom (My uncle was like 17) and his mom just called my crazy, saying I probably was just freaked from my grandpa’s death and felt fragile. But, I knew what he did to me and it angers me so much that she would defend him like that. I fear for my younger cousins that he would do the same to him. I wasn’t raped that day, I’m still a virgin. But, I was still sexually assaulted and I felt disgusted with myself for years. After that, I started dating around the age of 13, looking for security and protection in the guys I thought cared about me. But, time and time again I was screwed over. I want you girls to know that if you went through something similar or worse, it’s never your fault. I don’t care what bullshit society says about how we dress or act. It’s NEVER your fault. Yo survived and from that experience, you gained strength. It took time, and it may still be taking time, but I promise you, the fear and sadness wont be there forever. Much love and light to you all!

Nick said 8 years, 5 months ago:

Mines was similar in tn way being it was my uncle
I was around 6-10 (am 16 now) we use to play this game , he would touch while I try to not let him.I didn’t know it was wrong I taught it was fun I didn’t know ur not suppose to let people do that I was blinded by joy.Eventually someone saw it and told my mom (thank god) and something happened.When I came to him the next time he came over, I asked him to play, he told me that was wrong and then it stopped.Today I remember clearly what happened and I see him regularly they think I forgot but I didn’t .He can’t do my anything now since am currently a black belt and he knows ill hurt him if he ever does that again . I’ve never talked to anyone about you how hard it is already to remember it.I managed somehow not to over the years and not to bring its like a wound not heal

Emily said 8 years, 5 months ago:

Thank you both for sharing your story and being such a brave and inspiring individuals. Neither of you deserved the abuse and you are both strong and amazing people :)