Deleted User said 8 years, 1 month ago:

Up and sown my legs, hands, a little on both arms, chest.

WanderingCreature said 8 years, 1 month ago:

Most are covered with tattoos as I have healed and am no longer cutting, however, they run along my public line (so like below the underwear line) left wrist top and bottom, right upper thigh.

BethG said 8 years, 1 month ago:

I have scars from cutting on my inner thighs and hips, also my forearms. I also have scars from burns that are on my hands neck and thighs. But, they’re fading which makes me happier:)

scarlett said 8 years, 1 month ago:

my hip, arm, calf, thigh, stomach

Sorry said 8 years, 1 month ago:

All up and down my inner left arm, and left side.

Deleted User said 8 years, 1 month ago:

cutting scars: left forearm, wrist, elbow, shoulder and upper arm, thighs and inner right leg
burning: right knee, left arm

Deleted User said 8 years, 1 month ago:

I have words scarred into my forearms, across my stomach and on my hips : worthless, coward, fat, stupid, hypocrite, fake, bitch, evil, pathetic.

Lime said 8 years ago:

mine’s around my left wrist and arm and, upper thighs. all healed, been cut free for some years, but the scars are a bit noticeable if u take a good look

Johnnythehobo said 8 years ago:

From my wrists to the creases of my elbows are scarred pretty badly. One arm’s scars are depper while the other has more. I have a cigarette burn on the side of my wrist and multiple scratch scars on my left hand. I have one considerably noticeable scar on my left arm and a few less deep around my right wrist like a bracelet. I also have quite a few scars going from above my elbows onto my shoulders. They’re all white but not thin. With the exception of a really deep one that is pretty wide. From my hips to my thighs are completely littered with various widths and depths of scars. I have 9 quite prominent scars on the fronts of both thighs together and ten semi prominent ones in a row on the side of my right thigh. I have one scar on my calf and my ankles have about 15 faded ones.

mini_beethoven said 8 years ago:

My left wrist and my stomach, although they are pretty dim. I didn’t do much on my stomach but my left wrist has some that are kinda faint.

Kristine said 8 years ago:

Left wrist, front of thighs, right forearm, a few on my stomach and my shin

Deleted User said 8 years ago:

Does anyone else find this topic really triggering? (No disrespect to any one posting or the OP)

Rain said 8 years ago:

A little bit, yes. I already stare way too much at my arms.

shartjec said 8 years ago:

Just a few on my wrists. I’m glad that I never cut too deep to get many scars.

beth said 8 years ago:

I have about 50 on each of my forearms, some are still raised. They’re all over 5 years old.
I have newer ones on the tops of my thighs.