Celestial Cleric said 2 years, 8 months ago:

Our mother’s quiet cheering
My sister’s unknowing peering
Do they look towards me
For the answer of their own futures ?

” Communication ”
It’s something we undoubtedly lack
But not quite unlike a bug within a colony
We’re family all the same with each other close enough to blame

My eyes are that of my sister
Built by our mother’s love
Yet we see differently
Yet we can’t agree on anything ?

Another day passes by
Another meal is burnt
And my sister cries
Yet all the same we’re laughing
Laughing with tears spreading past shared eyes

Even if rain dampens my clothes
The resounding of tears clears true
In slow motion
We’re unafraid of puddles
We’re unafraid of depth

” I can’t understand
The appeal of sweets ”
A bitter girl could never
Could she ?

” It’s useless and fatty,
Just like a God who preaches salvation
Only to ask those to ” be patient ” in hardship ”

I don’t care either way
Even if it’s painful;
Even if it’s ignorant
I’d rather chew on sugary silence
Than rubbery rants

” You’re like a picky sprout
Wishing to grow
But unwanting of nutrient filled shit all others require ”

You’re not wrong
Yet I’m not admitting such a thing
To a you who can’t begin to understand
A plant’s necessity

It’s regrettable
It’s painful
But together all the same
Our ” who is who ” pressure game

” I’m the one who believes
The one who chases rainbow ends ”
Is that a glorified fantasy
Or what I truly believe ?

” I’m the one who doubts
The one who doesn’t check the shower before shitting ”
I like to think

Round and round we spin
Looking towards the other ?
Merely seeing a reflection
I hate you — I love you
It’s become one of the same
Your Good Kid Medicine
Cures our never ending game

I wanna fly
I wanna die
I wanna do all that I know you can
Sobriety — An unknown state
I want nothing more than to be the thing that we both wished before

Even if I can’t grant a single command
I want to be able to say I was once useful to us
But circling again today too
You’ve lost the wish I’ve memorized.