Celestial Cleric said 2 years, 8 months ago:

The boy I met yesterday
The one with hair like cascading sun rays
He’ll be nothing but a filler figment
To the girl echoing the steps of city stupor

Unflinching Fingers
Unwavering Knees
Balloon egos with vocabulary of servants
Are today clashing inside a body of a mannequin

To the girl that I met by chance on the street
Am I to become your lover in heated trance ?
Am I to be forgotten amongest seas of masks flooding the eclipsed state of reverie ?

A TV screaming of mutiny
Infiltrates the confines of today’s mind
” The world’s to end by the strike of twelve
The third day reigns in our demise like a broken king pissing on his throne ”

Another false alarm
That goes unnoticed
Hardens those who spoke out
Against the wave of uncommon behavior

In the next forty minutes I’ll remember transgressions long forgiven
In the next ten minutes I’ll be born within the memory of someone I’ve never met

Like dirt littering the skin of indoor cats
I’m painted on the earth by celestial colors I’ll never be able to name

” Useless is the fish who breathes in colored rocks
He can only live inside a bowl ”
Says an old man wearing a noose about his lips
Linked to a container of poison

The girl I met in my dreams
The one with eyes made of mother’s milk
She’ll be nothing but a reflection
Within a future I’ll miss by perversion.

” Glittering, sparkling girl,
You’re untainted by those around you ”
We’re made pure by barks of biased snakes.

” Don’t cross this way,
It’s much too delicate for the kind of fashion you don ”
I’m left laughing seconds past.

Unlike you who holds your breath
I drink in the scent of defication
A scent coated by deception
For inside pandora’s box lies pricey custard pudding.

Deleted User said 2 years, 1 month ago:

This is a nice poem! :)