Tommy said 6 years, 10 months ago:

Draining from my body, you leave me cold.
I don’t need you anyway, I’d say.
Life flashes before these blue eyes and not a single tear is shed.
What once lied a beautiful sheet of white is now sullied by my presence, all is red.

Dirty and disgusting,
I have killed this beauty,
as if that were my only duty,
to destroy;
to damage;
to die.
On this scarlet sheet I’ll stay;
as a storm sails in new snow I’ll stay.
As people forget about the man I was, I’ll stay.
Disappearing into this snowy set, I’ll stay.
Remaining until I am replaced, I’ll stay.

This apathy has fallen over me,
and although there are people who do not wish for me to leave,
alone they must grieve.
I cannot pull myself from this white,
I cannot destroy another beautiful sight.
Alone, buried with my crimson friend, I will face this deserving end.
Under an emotionless tomb,
I’ll stay.