Silent Radiance said 2 years, 1 month ago:

Crimson eyes, watching the shadows, cities blaring by,
Neon lights flaring triumphantly, hiding fear, hiding crime,
But I see, with a pounding heart and fearsome cry,
Tearing through the streets, relentless rage with ticking time.

Shifting eyes, suspiciously from one to the next, watching,
Blue hues bathing crowds in the rain, passing figures still,
My claws ready, teeth sharpened, patiently waiting,
For the thrill of the night, the dormant kill.

Blood dripping, stench of action, stench of fear,
Following the shadows, finding my prey,
Roaring sounds of life, but between the figures I hear,
A sinister language, dark religions in sacrificial pray.

Bullets crumple to my skin, kneeling before my will,
Hope dissolved by my growl, trembling, into nothing,
The moon lays witness, flourishing white until,
Tainted red by my bite, shearing, vanishing, into nothing.

I am the eye in the dark, the blaze in the light,
The whisper of death, the silent walker,
Dividing crowds, seeking justice with true sight,
The consumer of worlds, the night stalker.