sarah said 1 year, 11 months ago:

the daisies were crying and so was I.

the thought that you were gone in a blink of an eye.

it has been a year since you’ve said goodbye.

one full year since you lost your fight.

i don’t blame you, for you stayed so strong for too long.

i took advantage of your strength although i knew it was wrong.

but i never forgot the dark nights when your warmth made me strong.

as my life moves on, i promise in my heart you will always belong.

my God it’s been a year i just can’t believe.

i don’t know if it felt longer or shorter since the time i forgot how to breathe.

your ghost keeps playing games to make me feel deceived.

and taking parts of my memory like a thief.

but i will accept it as a message of your love for me to receive.

now i can say that remembering you doesn’t bring me grief.

just joy to know i was able to love you that much before you could leave.

and know that because of you i can finally sleep at ease.

my beloved friend, rest in peace.

sarah said 1 year, 11 months ago:

this peom i wrote on january 31st. as you would understand from the poem, that was the day i lost my dear friend last year. although it’s not my favorite poem, i felt i needed people to read this in his honor. love you!