Tommy said 7 years ago:


An idea for which I am a fool
As there is not one solid rule

Love is endless, love is blind
Inside yourself, you will find
Those who are sweet, those who are kind
Can all be equally entwined.
But our hearts are overly defined,
Made complicated by our mind.

Love cannot be captured,
just as the heart will not be fractured.
Love is free to see the world as it believes it should be.
Love is not ours to take, or to lay at mercy’s sake.
Love is the reason why we lie awake,
smiling at the lives we make.
Should these bonds we build be shattered,
it is our worlds that break.

Love can move mountains.
It is the water in our fountains.
Love is anywhere you smile;
Found at every foot and mile.
Across the ocean, on every isle,
You will find love’s gentle style.

Heart beating fast,
like a blast of sheer emotion,
you pray that it will last.
Cast out from reality,
you passed into a fantasy
of a world split into duality.
And although you love so much,
there is only one soul yours has touched.

And you can’t stop thinking of her.

You will meet a girl who will change your world
and you will never love again.

She will change your perception,
and although you love the world,
she is your one exception.
She is your other half, another part of you.
She is your joy, your smile and laugh.
Her heart beats every time yours fleets.
Breath taken by the beauty of her soul
and for once in your life,
you feel that you are whole.
No longer is she fantasy,
and she is better than reality.
She becomes your everyday vitality
as she is fills your life with glee.

Not just one heart,
but two,
beating to synchronicity.