Emilija said 9 years ago:

Do not check my arms or wrists.
And do not even check my hips.
Your disloyalty has made you quite disdain
And you were the only reason for my stain.

Such clear, perfect skin
Really should not have ever been
Kissed by such violence
But at last it did silence
The pain my heart endured
Until I carved this art, reassured.
This I strived to mask
But could barely succeed, alas.

But you didn’t notice..
Or did you?
Trying to forget the shame of what you put me though.
I had to show you the way.
Paint it as if it were child’s play.

I remember that time when It got really bad
It was the second worse I’ve ever had.
I saw then in your eyes
You forgot your disguise
As you stared at my arm quite fazed
And your bewildered eyes were crazed.

And yet you continued to lie
Even to someone who might pass by.
You lived so deep in your lie
That you began to cry.
We sat there unfazed as you showed us your blades.
As clean and untouched as the days and days before.
That we just began to ignore
The pain that you claimed to endure
As if a prisoner of war.

I could see through your petty little lies
Yet the others still held sympathy to your cries.
And now I am a prisoner to my sweet complexion
Letting me point you in the right direction.
My mind and heart want two separate things
And here my heart sadly rings.
You are poison to my veins
Yet I cannot grab a hold of the reigns.

Deleted User said 9 years ago:

Thats beautifully written

Emilija said 9 years ago:

@hopelesshopefull Thank you!