Celestial Cleric said 2 years, 8 months ago:

Do you think that a bug understands the concept of ” cannibalism ” as he feast on the brains of brethren ?
” Nature vs. Nurture; ” is nothing but debate by product
If I write down my regrets and measure them by my tears
Will the world aplaude me for discovering tangible justification of emotion ?

As long as life walks and breathes
It’s circulation of agony
By death are we living
By living are we dying

A happy ending is all we strive for
Some for one; some for others
Even others for all

Odd ones out come and go by standard
Tangibility ranging from existential reasoning to common belief
” Thank you ” and ” Goodbye ” can mean one and the same
But even diplicative names have special meaning

By acting we convey how we feel
By speaking we convey our actions
Round and round the world spins
As people laugh their words with mixed hues

” Good morning ” and ” I’m sorry ” can mean one and the same
But even diplicative features differentiate
” Please, protect everyone ” cries the universe
As we continue cycling
Just as always.