Alexa said 8 years ago:

People treat OCD as a temporary trait or adjective, and not as an actual disorder. I’m just sick of hearing people say things such as, “Oh make sure you turn the lights off! That’s my OCD.” No, that’s your regular desire to turn the lights off. And, “I rewrote my messy notes because I’m so OCD.” No, you’re organized and conscientious. Or people just self-diagnose themselves when they like a certain order, saying, “Sorry can you do this for me? I have OCD.”
I apologize for my rant I just haven’t been able to vent about the frustration to anyone because without actually suffering from the disorder it doesn’t matter to people.

Red Sheep said 8 years ago:

Don’t apologize, because you’re right. And this thing don’t goes just with OCD, but with a lot of things that people take so lightly!
“Omg, I forgot my book at school, I think I have alzheimer..”.
“No, keep away that bug, I have a serious phobia of insects!! But that fly is ok.”
“Listen, I can’t stay closed in this room because I hate closed room, I’m really scared! But I always close my bedroom when I go to sleep”
Like.. seriously? Can’t you at least be coherent with what you’re saying? There are people who have problems with these issues, and you take them so lightly like everyone have them and it’s no big deal? C’mon…