georgey said 6 years ago:

Sublime – Pool Shark

Deleted User said 6 years ago:

Bjork & Thom Yorke’s I’ve Seen It All and also M83′s Farewell Goodbye makes me sad.. but both are beautiful!

Azalea said 6 years ago:

Beauty and madness by mymp (always hears in my childhood days),
Pagdating ng panahon by aiza seguera (this the song my best friend always sang when we’re in grade 6)

Best friend by Jason Chen – my song now.

Jonathan Ellington said 6 years ago:

Same Love By Macklemore and Battle Scars By Lupe Fiasco

Riss said 6 years ago:

Say Anything & The Chain are currently the two saddest songs I listen to! Both are beautiful, but they bring up sad memories/thoughts.

Enigmatic Silence said 6 years ago:

Terrible Things- Mayday Parade
Fall For you- Secondhand Serenade
Breathe Me- Sia
Safe & Sound- Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars
Ronan- Taylor Swift
Never Grow Up- Taylor Swift (nostalgic)
The Scientist- Coldplay
Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol
Hurt- Christina Aguilera
Let Her Go- Passenger
I Wouldn’t Mind- He is We (this is a sweet cry)
Kiss it Better- He is We (not sweet cry)
My Immortal- Evanescence
Bring Me to Life- Evanescence
Elephant in the Room- Richard Walters
Down- Jason Walker

Julia said 6 years ago:

Warrior – Demi Lovato
Little Me – Little Mix
A Drop in the Ocean – Ron Pope
Skyscraper – Demi Lovato
The Lucky One – Taylor Swift
Wherever You Are – 5 Seconds of Summer
Cannonball – Little Mix (Cover)
Honeymoon Avenue – Ariana Grande
Steven – Jake Miller

Enol Flow said 6 years ago:

Dance by Nas

Deleted User said 6 years ago:

Space Lion -The Seatbelts

Landon said 6 years ago:

Skeletons by yeah yeah yeahs, shadow of the day by linkin park, and dear agony by breaking benjamin

Zoe said 6 years ago:

the funeral by band of horses or tangerine by led zeppelin.

Hearmenow said 6 years ago:

Can’t help falling in love with you by Elvis Presley, concreate angel.

Serene said 6 years ago:

Stromae – Formidable
Escape the fate – Harder than you know
Johny cash – Hurt
Angus & Julia Stone – I’m not yours
Babylone – Zina
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Cat and Mouse
Jung in – Those obvious words
Lana Del Rey – Chelsea Hotel No 2
Troye Sivan – The fault in our stars

savedbygrace said 6 years ago:

this song!

Max Jacob said 6 years ago:

Trail of Broken Hearts- Dragonforce
Slipped Away- Avril Lavigne
Aiming for the Sun- Ryan Keen
The Kids From Yesterday-My Chemical Romance