Erin~ said 9 years, 4 months ago:

Yes, I’m a big big fan of Lady Gaga. People always tell me she believes in the devil and she’s illumaniti and whatever. But that is not true. Her music helps me out by alot.

Good songs of hers to listen to are…
~Born This Way
~Fashion Of His Love

Hair is an emotional song, with the message being not to listen to what others think of you. Born This Way was about accepting who you are. And Fashion Of His Love is showing that there’s someone out there waiting for you to love them.
Here are some other songs…

~Roar by Katy Perry
~Sometimes christmas music works….
~F*cking Perfect by P!nk
~Carry On by Fun
~Same Love by Mackelmore.

Check them out. Maybe they will soon be apart of your list.

Alicia said 9 years, 4 months ago:


Little Hell said 9 years, 4 months ago:

City & Colour is my go to band for bad days. The lyrics are beautifully written and the instrumentals are really calming. Pretty much all of their songs are good for bad days, but I’ll give you some of my favorites.

-Northern Wind
-The Girl
-Little Hell
-Sleeping Sickness
-I Don’t Need To Know
-Take Care

You guys should definitely give them a listen if you have the chance. <3

Nen said 9 years, 4 months ago:

I love Marina & the Diamonds so deeply. Also Florence & the Machines.
I recommend you both!

Birdy is also very lovely. And Lady Gaga was already mentioned, so… <3

Music can heal :)

Deleted User said 9 years, 4 months ago:

My list… would probably be this:

Mad World by Gary Jules
Sex Born Poison by Air
Seven Devils by Florence + The Machine
Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd
Vessel by Jon Hopkins
TEARS by Health
Requiem (Princess Mononoke Soundtrack) by Joe Hisaishi
Gods and Monsters by Lana Del Rey
Secret Cave (Howl’s Moving Castle Soundtrack) by unknown to me
Angels and Demons by Hans Zimmer
Tide by Trentemoller

Jazzi214 said 9 years, 4 months ago:

My go to is Eminem

Song list:
The way I am
The Climb
Drop the world
Fun House
Family portrait
Take care
Thinking of you

TheMatter said 9 years, 4 months ago:

I play drums in a band, so I’m really, REALLY into music. My taste really varies a bit, but I love rock, so that’s where a good bit of this list will likely stay. There’s some blues, some pop, stuff like that – even some classical – but I digress, find your own favourites.
A few are more ironic than is probably normal:

-How You Remind Me and Burn it to the Ground by Nickelback
-A Praise Chorus, The Middle, Hear You Me, Cautioners, My Sundown, Always Be, Carry You, Electable (Give It Up), Gotta be Somebody’s Blues, Feeling Lucky, Here it Goes, Chase This Light, Futures, Just Tonight, The World You Love, Pain, Drugs or Me, Polaris, Nothingwrong, Night Drive, Shame, When I want, all done by Jimmy Eat World
-Any Meat Loaf song.
-Any My Chemical Romance song from Three Cheers, Bullets, The Black Parade, plus Kill All Your Friends, Na Na Na, Bulletproof heart, Sing, Planetary Go, The Only Hope For Me Is You, Part Poison, Save Yourself I’ll Hold Them Back, Scarecrow, Destroya, The Kids from Yesterday and Vampire Money.
-Hot Air Balloon, Strawberry Avalanche, Enchanted to Meet You (The song I associate with the most, save for Honey and the Bee), and any track from All Things Bright And Beautiful except for Alligator Sky (either version) and I also like the Ocean Eyes Album version of The Saltwater Room, plus The Bird and the Worm, Hello Seattle (either version), Rainbow Veins and The Technicolour Phase.
-Any Pink Floyd track
-Street Spirit, Creep, Paranoid Android, Karma Police, Fitter Happier and No Surprises are the main ones from Radiohead but I do like a few others
-Any Sixx A.M track at all.
-Any Jimmy Hendrix track
-Anything Hugh Laurie takes any part in.
-Any Aerosmith track.
-A few Alter Bridge tracks, but that one’s best left to explore which ones just depress you more and which help
-Anything by Beethoven (I know that sounds bad)
-Almost anything by Foo Fighters
-Almost anything by Guns and Roses,
Anything by He is We (I know that’s just weird)
-J-rock songs from animes
-Paralyzer by Finger Eleven
-Lose You by Pete Yorn
-Midnight train to Georgia (I don’t even care what I’m thought of for that)
-Raindrop by Chopin
-The piano cover of Green Day’s Numb
-Will The Circle Be Unbroken (I know it’s a Christian song, but it’s just so melodic and it fit into Bioshock’s story so well)
-Stray Cat Strut by The Stray Cats
-Anything that Tommy Emmanuel plays

I think that’s about it before we get into fandom songs, but for your own mental health and safety, I won’t go there.
Anyway, check out anything you want to, but I hope you find some things you enjoy there.

JustRachel said 9 years, 4 months ago:

The Beatles is and always will be the best music group of all time. Listen to their albums chronologically for the best effect.

First Album: Please Please Me

Dhea said 9 years, 4 months ago:

I have a list of nice songs that cheer me up a lot. You might like some of them so check them out:
1. Surahn – Wonderful (Aeroplane remix)
2. Passion pit – Constant Conversation (St. Lucia remix)
3. Mathbonus – Fog
4. Nosaj thing – Eclipse/blue
5. Different Sleep – Get ahead
6. Summer Heart – I wanna go

Those are some really good songs, I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do

Ldmoran said 9 years, 4 months ago:

John Cale – Andalucia
Yo la Tengo – Today is the Day
Yo la Tengo- Cornelia & Jane
Leonard Cohen – Closing Time
Aretha Franklin – Don´t play that song for me
Daniel Johnston – Living Life
Tom Waits /Scarlett Johansson – I dont wanna grow up
Bob Dylan – Mississipi
Animal Collective – Amanita
Rolling Stones – Im waiting
Aphex Twin – Flim
Karen o and the Kids – Worried Shoes
Yo la Tengo – I heard you looking
Stephin Merrit – Take Ecstasy with me

and for spanish speakers any Facundo Cabral´s


Dawson said 9 years, 4 months ago:

My list mainly is Wutang, eminem, and others:

C.R.E.A.M by Wu tang Clan
Clan in da front- Wu tang clan
Tearz- by W-t Clan
all of The W album by them.
Mockingbird by eminem
when im gone by eminem
underground by eminem
Puke by eminem
King wizard by kid cudi and day n nite
by him

Alexander said 9 years, 4 months ago:

I have a very very long list. On the top of that list are:
Linkin Park – Numb, By myself, Faint and almost every single one of their songs.
Alanis Morissette – Would not come, Can’t not and most of the others.
Absolutely all of the songs by Otep!
I find Lady Gaga and Cher to be extremely inspiring.