Super Woman said 2 weeks, 2 days ago:

It’s difficult to be happy in this world, especially during these present times. The ongoing pandemic has made things worse for many of us. Because of the current situation that the world is faced with, many people are having trouble looking for work so that they could feed their families. COVID-19 and its effects on the world have also undeniably affected those who with mental illness. Even people without mental illness are struggling with psychological effects, such as but not limited to anger, boredom, confusion, frustration, and sadness.

It is during times like these when we need someone who can offer us comfort and guidance. Though many people today are so preoccupied with their own problems that it’s difficult for them to make time for their fellow men. What if the one who can help us is not a person?

Had it not been for God, we would not have any of the good things that we have today. Without Him, we would not even be here. After all, He is the One who gave us life. A biological parent is sad when they see their child cry. What more, God Who is our spiritual Father. He does not like to see His creations suffering so much. If you are looking for a solution to all of your problems, draw near to God. He is the One who can truly help you. There is no better healer or listener than He.