jfk42 said 7 years ago:

I have diagnosed borderline personality disorder, depression and anxiety. Anyway, I have been spending so much time lately going through every situation where I’ve been hurt. Like what did I do to deserve that or what is wrong with me? I am crying and having anxiety attacks nearly every day because of this. I don’t want to be around other people because I might do something stupid or because I will feel like they don’t really want to be with me. I am pretty much stuck in my room most of the day and rarely even go into another room, let alone outside (where of course, I feel like people are looking at me and judging me) I am in a cage of my own making and I can’t figure a way out.

screams said 7 years ago:

im not a professional , so i’m sorry if my reply would not give any helps.
The truth is nobody dislike being around with you , i can probably say that it is your feeling that you feel people dislike you . i have been through the social anxiety just the same as you , i felt like people judging me and they didn’t want me to belong anywhere . Actually people are not that scary , they wont even bother your stupid acts, your mistake and a lot of things. At first everything is gonna be hard but try to remember that you’re much better than what you know . dont let your fears stop you to be who you are . you only live once so dont ever waste it .

In fact that even when you feel depressed and scared , there are still people who want to help you and know you . its blahteraphy :)

jfk42 said 6 years, 12 months ago:

Thanks, feeling a bit better this week, even went out one night.